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Rap On The Knuckles

Dear Readers, "Health of people more important than interest of manufacturers", noted a bench comprising Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta, in its five-page order banning sale and registration

New Order

Dear Readers, The second largest car manufacturer in Europe is aiming for the top spot in the global automotive order. PSA Group, the French manufacturer that sells cars and motorcycles under the Peu

Disrupting Models

Dear Reader, For some time now, experts and analysts globally have been talking about the automotive industry approaching a tipping point of disruption. Undoubtedly, the industry is going through som

Changes In Mobility

Dear Readers, As is becoming evident, the transport network in our country – especially the urban areas – is increasingly becoming overloaded. Severe congestion in cities is also leading to incre

Future Powertrain

Dear Reader, The automotive industry in general is faced with multiple pressures; the most critical of them being the need to meet the ever tightening emission regulations and stricter fuel efficienc

Future Materials

Dear Readers, Of the many challenges that the automotive industry face – increasing global competition, improved vehicle performance that deliver higher efficiency, cost reduction and tighter envir

Mobility in 2025

Dear Readers, That the automotive future through the next decade would be very different from the world we inhabit today, has become a clichéd statement. But there is no denying the fact that the au

Securing Our Cars

Dear Readers, By the turn of this decade, BI Intelligence has projected that cars with internet connectivity will comprise 75 % of 92 mn new cars shipped globally. And that from the lows of 13 % in 2

Trust In Technology

Dear Reader, Hours before we were to put a wrap on this edition of Auto Tech Review, came a disturbing bit of news from Florida, US. Electric vehicle maker Tesla reported the first known death caused