Delphi | Electronics To Drive Growth

Delphi | Electronics To Drive Growth


Delphi Product & Services Solutions (DPSS) is presently focusing on expanding its presence and technical capability in the Indian aftermarket by focusing on the area of electronics. Indian consumers have always been sensitive towards fuel efficiency and hence the related technology and parts are already available in the market. The increasing content on cars, including those by Indian OEMs presents a major opportunity for introduction of new technologies, said Dominic Yuklam Seto, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, DPSS.

Rising awareness among consumers is bound to sustain this demand for long. “Most of this content that gets increased will be in the field of electronics and that’s what we’re doing,” said Seto, who is also the Vice President DPSS & Vice President, Delphi China in an interaction with Auto Tech Review at the 2013 Automechanika New Delhi.

Seto said that the increasing car park in India is a good opportunity for the company and last year the Indian aftermarket business grew beyond the industry average at about 14 %. However, the company sees an additional opportunity within the forecasted car numbers in India.

When asked of the opportunity in the two-wheeler segment, which presents a larger aftermarket base, Faisal Matin, Country Director, India, DPSS acknowledged the scope. However, he added that despite the potential, the company presently wants to focus on the passenger vehicle (PV) segment for now. The reason for this is the technical strength Delphi has in the PV segment. Sectors such as two-wheelers and commercial vehicles are there to explore and will be looked into at the right time, Matin said.


Seto added that Delphi intends to focus on its strengths, one of which is electronics. In the two-wheeler segment, the content of electronics is limited right now in India. As emission norms get stringent for two-wheelers, the adoption of electronics will increase and that is where Delphi can help its customers with the right solutions.

In order to offer the right technology for a specific market/region, Delphi relies on leveraging its global presence. The Indian technical centre of Delphi, for example, does a lot of work in the area of software, which is used by the company globally. However, the company ensures that every product/technology is calibrated to meet local requirements. An example of this is the JV company, Alliance Friction Technologies, which manufactures brake pads for the Indian as well as global markets.


New electronic products to be introduced in the Indian market will be built on three parameters – green, safe and connected, said Seto. Any new products will have to excel in each of these areas in order to make for a proper solution, he added. In India, within the green area, the company will continue to focus on technologies such as engine management electronics, electronic fuel pump and fuel system, among others. Similarly, the company will continuously look at launching new/improved technologies in the areas of safety and infotainment as consumer awareness grows.

Talking of the expected growth in the aftermarket area over the next decade or so, Matin expects a change across the landscape. He added that it’s imperative for any company to be in the right place and at the right time. DPSS through its wide product portfolio, especially in the electronics segment, is positioned well to grow with the Indian automotive industry in the long run.

Text: Arpit Mahendra