Electric Two-Wheelers Will Witness Long Term Gains: Nexzu Mobility

Electric Two-Wheelers Will Witness Long Term Gains: Nexzu Mobility

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Authorities have realised that sustainable mobility is the future of mobility, which is why electric vehicles have been the talk of town --Rahul Shonak

As the momentum gains towards electrification of mobility, there are hurdles along the way which are being currently worked out by mobility solution providers. In India, electric two and three wheelers have gained significant sales rise due to lesser acquisition costs and feasible urban use. Further, the recent government move towards allowing sale of EVs without batteries will aide sales. Our chat with Rahul Shonak, who is the COO for Nexzu Mobility, helps us look at his bright perspective towards EV ecosystem in India.

ATR_Considering there is a lot of noise about vehicle electrification in the country, which segment do you consider will gain the quickest and most successful momentum (two wheeler EV, three wheelers EV, passenger cars, public transport)?

Rahul Shonak_Before I answer this question, it is important to understand the reason behind the ‘noise’ around vehicle electrification. The Indian automotive industry has been riding a wave of growth for the past two decades. However, an increase in the number of automobiles also portends an increase in the after-effects. Therefore, pollution, too, has been rising. Fortunately, our authorities have realised that sustainable mobility is the future of mobility. And this is exactly why electric vehicles have been the talk of the town.

Now, the growth of each type of vehicle depends on the acceptance of customers and the relevance of the product. India, as a country, moves on two-wheelers to a large extent. Be it scooters, bicycles, or motorcycles, I see electric two-wheelers as a whole witnessing not only quick but long term gain.

ATR_Do you consider our current rate of EV infrastructure changes are adequate to support a healthy EV ecosystem? Where so you think more investment of money and resources are required to speed up the process?

Rahul Shonak_While EV infrastructure is integral to a holistically flourishing industry, it is just one part of the larger ecosystem. If we look at the entire EV spectrum, there are other and equally important aspects too. For instance, if we consider Nexzu Mobility’s electric two-wheeler solutions, the country’s charging infrastructure does not play a major role. With detachable lithium-ion batteries, our scooters and e-cycles can be easily charged quite like one charges a mobile phone.

Be that as it may, providing an efficient charging infrastructure at public places will result in faster adoption of EVs and give a boost to the larger ecosystem. Thus, it would be a wise decision to invest in the same.

ATR_Strategy-wise, how is Nexzu progressing through the COVID-19 crisis? What significant changes has the company made to stay on track considering long-term and short-term strategies?

Rahul Shonak_As always, our strategy has been designed based on the prevalent customer needs. Even during the lockdown phase, our research and development team was engaged in providing solutions to protect our frontline workers amid the COVID crisis. We rolled out the production of our state-of-the-art face shields in less than a week after the initial prototype. 

Simultaneously, we have been forging ahead on our journey to providing next-generation solutions to customers through innovative channels. Digitization is our nerve system, and our focus on creating tutorial videos and offering the ubiquity of online shopping are a testament to this.

Finally, furthering our commitment to providing mobility solutions to both domestic and international customers, we are foraying into international markets for our products.

ATR_Nexzu mentions B2B EV presence as well. Can you elaborate what clients and fleets have acquired your services and how are you expanding in B2B segment?

Rahul Shonak_Our B2B offerings have witnessed massive traction from corporates and ride-sharing companies. Our products are well appreciated by ride-sharing platforms like Leap and several hyper-local logistic companies. We are engaged in discussions with many corporates for mobility solutions.

ATR_The company recently added three e-bicycles to its portfolio, Roadlark, Aello and Rompus. How has the response been? What new future platforms can we expect to see from Nexzu in the coming years?         

Rahul Shonak_e-bicycles are being termed as the future of electric mobility. Nexzu’s 3 variants harness energy from the most efficient electric powertrain. It’s a cutting-edge innovation that has our channel partners as excited as our customers.  All three variants are power-packed, and the dual battery in Roadlark is an instant choice for customers who take long rides.

Now, we are working on the development of a next-generation e-bicycle which is designed for a best-in-class experience. We are planning an International launch for this product. Needless to say, we’re gearing up for an exciting future here at Nexzu.

Author: Abhijeet Singh