Majorel Harping On Digital Tools For Future Industry Requirements

July 2019 Latest Edition Interaction Majorel Harping Digital Tools Future Industry Requirements

Customer behaviour is constantly changing as they are becoming increasingly demanding. With customer options getting more diversified, the tools to understand customer journey as well as customer sentiments have become more advanced. Majorel is a software product company that specialises in creating solutions that facilitate smooth workflow across various industries, including automotive. Auto Tech Review spoke to Aditya Kashyap, CEO, Majorel India, to know more about how the company plans to leverage its analytical tools to enhance customer experience.


The automotive sector contributes around 7 % of India’s GDP, and the country is set to become the third largest car market globally by 2020-21, clocking sales of around five million vehicles per year. The new vehicle market in India is growing at a rapid clip and is prompting automotive OEMs to scout for digital solutions to ease the process of selling and maintaining vehicles through the product life cycle and beyond.

Majorel offers various solutions such as Arvato CRM Solutions, Phone Group, ECCO Outsourcing and Pioneers Outsourcing that facilitate customer communication as well as digital solutions like social media & online communications, automated interaction & AI, analytics, self-service and other customer life cycle solutions. Kashyap said the future of customer service is highly dependent on artificial intelligence and automation and the company intends to focus a lot on these two capabilities this year.

The automotive industry is going through a trilemma of transformation as the evolution towards electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) will fundamentally change the way customers experience mobility in the future. Manufacturers, technology companies and mobility providers are competing to seize the opportunities presented by evolving models of mobility.

Majorel’s Avarto SCM solutions have been developed in collaboration with IAV automotive engineering to develop concepts for automotive aftersales as well. Under Avarto SCM solutions, Digital Service Assistant (DiSA) is a new digital platform that integrates current automotive trends and new technologies into the service process to create an optimal and transparent customer experience. Further, DiSA intelligently manages a combination of diagnostic and repair data, featuring automated digital communication during the repair process as well as encompassing interactions with the vehicle user. Innovative technologies such as augmented reality are implemented to intelligently interlink the current automotive trends like autonomous driving, connectivity or the utilisation of forecast data from the service cloud, Kashyap noted.

OEMs are well placed to sell directly to the customer either online or through a dealer network as well as by leveraging in-car connectivity and data management to provide high-value ancillary services besides owning the relationship with the driver. Majorel has been closely working with over 20 car manufacturers globally and also with ride-sharing companies through its CRM solutions to manage end-to-end solutions. Being data integration and database management experts, Majorel is focussing on developing solutions that reduce time required for conducting R&D activities and costs involved in developing new products, thereby reducing time to market. As far as India is concerned, Majorel has a team of 80 engineers placed out of its Bengaluru facility that works in tandem with its French team for conducting new R&D jobs. The company also has drawn up plans to develop a workforce that can respond to digital queries from remote locations at Tier II and III cities to prune costs and pass it on the customers and thus offer cost-competitive solutions, said the Majorel India top official.


Majorel came into existence in January 2019 when two companies - Bertelsmann and Saham - entered into a joint venture to create a customer service organisation. Over the next few years, the company is planning to significantly invest in digital capabilities and solutions to shore up its digital customer engagement presence.

As automotive manufacturers focus on equipping their newer models with enhanced digital and connected services, Majorel’s Arvato CRM solutions has also tested the potential of chatbot solutions for customer service in the automotive industry under a pilot project with a leading German manufacturer. Kashyap said virtual advisers in chatbots offer quick and comprehensive information to end customers, while addressing their concerns. Simultaneously, the bots can also derive data insights about what issues and queries customers have on their minds and can smartly shift over the query to a human, in a scenario where it is not able to understand the query, Kashyap explained.

Automotive companies are gradually facing increased pressure from fragmented digital environments, as networked vehicles will offer new communication channels to the customer through which they can stay connected with the manufacturers. The need of the hour is to offer smarter solutions that can respond to customer queries in a timely manner, Kashyap signed off.

TEXT: Anirudh Raheja