Omnicomm | Offering India-Specific Solutions

Omnicomm | Offering India-Specific Solutions


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It is a notable fact that fuel costs account for almost half of the expenses for any business dealing with a large fleet of vehicles. This requires fleet owners to look for systems to manage their fleets and ensure the control of fuel consumption, in order to improve profitability. Various methods can be employed to ensure fuel consumption monitoring, but fuel level sensors are looked upon as one of the most accurate methods of ensuring this.

Omnicomm, a Russian company that has been in the market for over 16 years, is a global leader in manufacturing LLS fuel level sensors. The company operates in over 100 countries, and has to its credit installation of 500,000 sensors to date. We met Stanislav Emelianov, Deputy Director General, Omnicomm (L), and Subramani Saravanashekar, Business Head, Asia and ASEAN Countries, Omnicomm (R) on the sidelines of a recent industry event.


Omnicomm has been in India since 2007, when it worked with partners for the sales and distribution of its products in the country. By the end of 2014, the company plans to set-up its first office and warehouse in Chennai, which will also function as its headquarters in India. Plans to set-up offices in other states of the country in the future has also begun, said Saravanashekar. Technical specialists and managers working to help coordinate installations, integrations and provide technical support for the domestic market will be based in Chennai.

There are no immediate plans of setting up a manufacturing facility in India, and the company will continue to import its components from Russia, Emelianov said. In the future though, the company will consider partial manufacturing (assembly operations), as well as a research and development (R&D) facility in India, he informed. Currently, the company carries out R&D from its facility in Moscow, with about 40 engineers.

The company plans to bring its entire global products portfolio to India, with the expectation of its fuel level sensors receiving high demand. In addition, Emelianov added that there is a large interest for Omnicomm's complex fleet management solutions among fleet owners and industry leaders in the country.

Omnicomm recently participated in an industry event in India, which it used to officially launch its products in India. At the same event, the company signed four partnership deals with companies including Trans Global Geomatics, Pointer India and Leadwinner. Saravanashekar also said Omnicomm is in talks with a number of companies that are interested in partnering and integrating along with the company, to supply fleet management services.

Additionally, Omnicomm is in continuous talks with OEMs in India, for deals regarding the fitment of Omnicomm fuel sensors as original equipment in their products. The company also said that besides new partnerships, Omnicomm has agreed for integrations with numerous tracker and software manufacturers in India and the US.


Omnicomm's fuel level sensors can be fit as aftermarket equipment on older commercial vehicles, as well as on various types of machinery, Saravanashekar noted. The sensors can be connected to any trackers in the market, which have analogue, digital or frequency input. There are no prescribed requirements for vehicles to be fitted with Omnicomm fuel level sensors, he added. The company's products have characteristics that allow them to be installed in any type of vehicle and special machinery.

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The company said its fuel level sensors can be installed in fuel tanks that measure 15 cm and more, showing that these sensors can also be installed in many motorcycles. Emelianov said the company sees good demand from the two-wheeler sector, adding that Omnicomm is ready to work further in that direction.


Being a leader in fuel management and fleet management solutions, Omnicomm believes the bulk of sales in India will constitute its fuel level sensors. Emelianov said Omnicomm's fuel level sensors have an accuracy rate of 99.2 %, and are very effective in fuel consumption control. Emelianov expects a good future for Omnicomm products in India, especially since the local telematics market is rapidly developing. There are a large number of trucks, light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and special machinery for construction and mining, which shows there will be demand for Omnicomm's solutions, Emelianov said. He added that fuel prices are high and seem to be rising steadily, making fleet management solutions even more necessary.

Text: Naveen Arul