Renesas India | Two-Wheelers & ADAS Are Future Areas Of Growth

Renesas India | Two-Wheelers & ADAS Are Future Areas Of Growth


With emission standards getting stricter, manufacturers are looking for solutions that help their products emit less carbon dioxide, and also improve efficiency. Renesas Electronics India, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Singapore, is gearing up to address such demands with an array of innovative products, applications and solutions.

The approach started two years back, when the company recognised that OEMs in India were showing more interest in newer solutions and applications. Integrated applications, which provide system cost benefits and added values were being preferred.

Particularly in the two-wheeler segment, Renesas started with a solution offerings
first, based on existing solutions. The company currently has on offer solutions such as capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) and transistor controlled ignition (TCI), among others, and is in the process of developing fuel injection system solutions and integrated starter generator solutions for the Indian two-wheeler industry, So Otsuka, Expert, ADAS Solution Business Department, Renesas Electronics Corporation informed us during a recent interaction.

As a practice, Renesas first approaches the OEM with their solutions, and once approved, takes their solutions to Tier I suppliers for execution. Kenji Akai, General Manager, Automotive Sales & Marketing Division, Renesas Electronics Singapore has been in discussion with several Indian two-wheeler players, and is encouraged by the OEMs' keenness to move to fuel injection systems, and other such integrated solutions.

The world's leading supplier of microcontrollers, Renesas had opened its India Solution Centre in April 2014. The centre has since been collaborating with the industry towards developing advance semiconductor solutions for the Indian market. In addition, the solution centre is also utilising a lot of its knowhow on simplifying four-wheeler applications for two-wheelers, Akai said. The India Solution Centre has been instrumental in quick breakthrough innovations, and is offering a lot of design support to the world as well.


Renesas has been developing cutting-edge technology in different automotive areas for Europe, America and Japan, and will soon introduce these technologies to the Indian market, Akai said. Key among them are solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), but tailoring them to meet requirements in the Indian industry may not be easy work.

Akai agreed, and said the objective is not to bring in global solutions, because they may not work in India from a cost and complexity perspective. "In India, both for two- and four-wheelers, we have to offer a complete solution that works at the turn of a key. That is one of the main differences between the Indian and other mature markets," he said.

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Otsuka said Renesas has the basic technology for ADAS ready, and any requirements for customised solutions can easily be provided by the company. It is important to identify the specific requirements of Indian manufacturers, based on which its portfolio of applications and solutions can be modified or tailored to suit their needs.

Renesas is also the leading global MCU supplier for instrument clusters, and is leveraging its experience to support the whole range of instrument cluster systems, from the combination of gauge control and LCD display for the entry and mid-range cars, to the full graphics required for high-end luxury cars. The company has nearly 50 % marketshare in MCUs for vehicle dashboards.

Designed for entry class and mid-range vehicle systems, the Renesas RH850/D1x Series of MCUs integrates gauge control, graphics display and functional safety in one chip, while reducing the system BOM cost and scalable development offers, and helps realise instrument cluster systems with highly reliable colour graphics LCD, a company release stated.


India is a focussed market for the Tokyo-headquartered Renesas, with long-term growth prospects. The company has been expanding its application engineering team in the country to develop and market 'India-centric' solutions. It aims to expand its presence in the Indian market rapidly across SMEs and enterprise segments with its ultra-low power microcontrollers. A report by NOVONOUS has pegged the Indian semiconductor industry to reach $ 52.58 bn in 2020, which indicates a CAGR of 26.72 %. Renesas is gearing up to corner a large part of that growth in India.

Text: Deepangshu Dev Sarmah