Powertrain Concept For High Performance Vehicles

Powertrain Concept For High Performance Vehicles

Cover Story February 2020 FEV Europe GmbH Powertrain Concept High Performance Vehicles Stoichiometric Combustion

FEV has carried out development around balancing the act of increasing specific engine power, while moving towards stoichiometric combustion

In view of stricter emission limits and rising demands on driving performance and CO2 reduction at the same time, FEV has investigated solutions to the conflict between increasing specific power and switching to stoichiometric combustion throughout the engine map. Based on a V6 3 l bi-turbo engine, this paper shows how the engine can be laid out to 200 kW/l and stoichiometric operation in an electrified powertrain. The engine features a central fuel injection, single-stage turbochargers with variable turbine geometry and port water injection. RON98 fuel was used during engine testing.

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