The trend towards highly complex Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving is gathering momentum in the automotive industry. Demands on development teams and the need for qualified experts, with experience in functional safety (ISO 26262) engineering for ADAS will continue to grow. The ISO 26262 standard is slated to affect development behaviour in the automotive industry and will define the new development process requirements for a shift from the quality management system to a safety-oriented work culture.

As more automotive companies demand cyber security solutions to ensure the safety of connected vehicles from cyber-attacks, there is a strong need to discuss Cyber security Standard J3061 in the context of cyber security threats, enterprise IT security, regulatory bodies, and end-to-end cloud security. Future developments in autonomous driving will make functional safety and cyber security a key focus area in the automotive industry. An increasing number of electronic functions will define the driving experience, and these must be secure – it is essential that these systems work reliably to ensure human safety, even in the case of a system malfunction or an accident.

Implementing ISO 26262 and Cyber security Standard J3061 ensures that a high level of safety is built into car components right from the start. The standard can be used to establish a safety management system based on internationally recognised best practices and the latest approach to risk management, giving you a competitive edge. It is expected that car manufacturers will use compliance with ISO 26262 as a means to qualify components and potential suppliers of E/E components. 

Understanding the importance of this subject, Auto Tech Review, in association with iCAT, is proud to present an exclusive day-long event titled, “Conference on Automotive Functional Safety & Security” to address automotive safety-related challenges, and establish best practices in the automotive safety.


Indian Automotive Technology and Innovation Awards (IATIA)

15th December, 2017 | NEW DELHI

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