Brose India Bracing Up to Offer Electrical Vehicle Solutions

Brose India Bracing Up to Offer Electrical Vehicle Solutions

Brose India Braced Up to Foray into Electrical Vehicle Space

Brose India will cater to the nascent Indian EV space with electric motors and electronic components

The automotive industry is increasingly focussing on upping the comfort quotient with new developments happening in the vehicle interior and exterior space. Pune-headquartered Brose India - a global leader in automotive interior and exterior solutions - is bracing up to foray into the electric vehicle (EV) space for the Indian market. Brose India - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Germany-based Brose Group - is keen to make the most of the new opportunities in the EV space and will soon offer electric motors and other electronic components for the Indian two-wheeler space. "Brose India will locally manufacture electric motors and electronic components that will cater to the needs of the electric scooters and motorcycles in India. We are hopeful about delivering these products over the next two years or so," said Ulrich Schrickel, CEO Brose Group on the sidelines of the company officially opening its new campus in Hinjewadi, Pune.

The company is all for offering a standarised solution as far as electric motors are concerned. "Since these electric motors cater to the two-wheeler space, it may not require high power motors. Having said that, we will find ways to customise it but the basic framework will be a standard one," said Vasanth Kamath, President, Brose India.

It is pertinent to mention that Brose India currently caters to the passenger vehicle industry and locally manufactures window regulators, side door latches, door modules and seat height adjusters. The company also announced that it will enhance the number of products it localises at present. "Brose India will roll out three products, which will be locally manufactured like our window regulators, side door latches, door modules and seat height adjusters. We are hopeful about launching these these three products by some time next year," intimated the Brose Group CEO without divulging much.

Brose India adopts a two-pronged approach for exporting its locally manufactured products. "Brose India directly exports to various countries and also deliver our products to Indian customers, who then built it in their vehicles and subsequently export them," said the Brose India President. The company only exports window regulators and seat height adjusters and do not export door modules.

The commercial vehicle space is looking at increasing sophistication much like the passenger vehicle segment, but Brose India does not wish to get into this space. "Brose traditionally has never been big in the commercial vehicle space. We do not see ourselves foraying into this space until we see substantial demand in future," said Kamath.

The country's automotive industry has been severely dented by a sustained slowdown, but Brose India is convinced that the road ahead is a promising one notwithstanding the prevailing market downturn. "We make investments not factoring in any temporary blip in the economy as our focus is on manufacturing locally for the local market in India. India is an important market for us as we feel that there is a huge market potential. We have been growing 20 % every year and are confident about doubling our turnover by 2025. On the Indian auto industry slowdown front, I believe the Indian market will show some improvement next year," concluded Schrickel.



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