BYD Blade Battery: Aiming to Redefine Industry Standards

BYD Blade Battery: Aiming to Redefine Industry Standards


Chinese EV major BYD is bullish about its new technological innovation creating a benchmark in the electric vehicle industry across the world including the nascent Indian market

Ever since its debut, electric vehicles (EVs) and the entire ecosystem have been technologically shifting gears at a rapid clip. Manufacturers across the world have been looking at newer innovations every hour to address various challenges such as range anxieties, fast charging as well as total cost of ownership. Chinese EV major BYD introduced a breakthrough technology with Blade batteries in the Q4 FY20 that it claims can redefine industry standards forever.

The Blade battery by BYD refers to a single-cell powerhouse that spans 96 cm in length, 9 cm wide and just 1.35 cm height that are placed in an array and inserted like a blade into a battery pack. Blade battery offers increased safety as well as longer range when compared with ternary lithium batteries and traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries and has also passed the nail penetration test. The volume utilisation of the Blade battery is over 50 % higher as compared to past products due to its optimised battery pack structure, with its cruising range reaching the same level as ternary lithium batteries.

BYD claims to overcome the endurance issue with the Blade battery (a limiter to traditional lithium iron phosphate battery) as it can be charged from 10 % to 80 % of its full capacity within 33 minutes, supporting the BYD Han EV's acceleration of zero to 100 km/h in 3.9seconds. Interestingly, the accumulated mileage of the blade battery can reach 1.2 million km after 3,000 cycles of charging and discharging, ample to outpace ternary lithium batteries and traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries over the longevity, power, and strength metrics. BYD is all set to introduce the Blade battery in its Han EV sedan that will possess a travel range of 605 km in single charge.

The Blade battery is manufactured at FinDreams battery factory of BYD located at Bishan district of Chongqing in China. The factory has an annual production capacity of 20 GWh and will see a phase-wise investment of 10 bn yuan. The factory's intelligent manufacturing capabilities possess a highly demanding production environment where overall humidity is kept below one percent. Humidity is even reduced to 0.05 % of the average moisture level during a core production process. Various requirements necessitate that within one cubic meter space, fine particles equivalent to 1/20th of a single hair (ora 5-micron particle, as a hair is 100 microns), cannot exceed 29, reaching the same standards as LCD screen production. Additionally, the temperature is kept constant at 25 degrees Celsius.

Numerous processes such as the factory's high-precision sensors, the implementation of hundreds of robots, simulation systems, and quality control systems that comply with strict control standards, every production workshop, process, line, as well as the flow of information and intelligent control level follow exceptionally high standards. They serve as the bedrock for efficient and stable production, thus, forming the backbone of the Blade battery's quality.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic served as a setback for the overall auto industry and the EV ecosystem is no different. However, BYD is bullish that the blade battery will set a benchmark in the industry including Indian EV market and aims to bring battery safety back to the forefront with its battery innovation, while redefining safety standards for the entire industry. The BYD has drafted a ‘7+4 Full Market EV Strategy’ that encompasses most forms of ground transportation as well as every aspect of daily transportation needs and hopes to keep its leadership position intact in the EV market.

Anirudh Raheja
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