BYD Han EV Series: Pushing The Boundaries in Electromobility

BYD Han EV Series: Pushing The Boundaries in Electromobility


BYD’s new Han EV series clearly reflects its rich experience in EV research & development and is claimed to set new benchmarks in progress towards greener mobility

Electric vehicle (EV) giant BYD has finally raised the curtains off its Han EV series. The long-awaited flagship offering by the Chinese EV major is designed to serve the mid-to-large luxury sedan market globally, and boasts of advanced technologies in the electric vehicle industry such as Blade Battery, claims the company. With three pure electric models and one hybrid model, the Han EV series is now up for sale at the Chinese market where the PHEV version, Han DM, will be priced at 2,19,800 yuan (around $ 31,400), while the pure electric extended-range version will be priced at 2,29,800 RMB (around $ 32,800). The extended-range variant of the premium model will be available at 2,55,800 RMB (around $ 36,500), while the 4WD high-performance version will be priced at 2,79,500 RMB (about $ 40,000).

BYD Han series sports the ‘Dragon Face’ design language - from striking front grille to Dragon Claw tail lights - the car’s stylised design nicely depicts a mix of eastern and western design aesthetics. The Han EV series has been named after one of the most celebrated dynasties in the Chinese history - the Han Dynasty - and clearly demonstrates the significant progress towards manufacturing electric vehicles. BYD has developed the Han series’ roof with advanced laser brazing technology as well as 1500HS thermoformed steel for robustness. 11 standard airbags and six cameras, highly-efficient air purification filters, among others are Han’s notable safety features. For the interiors, BYD has equipped the Han series with solid wooden panels, high-quality Napa leather seats, aluminum trims and other high-end materials.

Engineers at BYD have invested around 10 years time to take three benchmarks for EVs from the concept stage to formal mass production while delivering safety, luxury as well as performance. The pure electric long range version listed under the Han EV series is claimed to offer a whopping 605 kilometers range based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test cycle. The Han series has been deployed with the world-first MOSFET motor control module that enables the EV to deliver quick acceleration. The DM (Dual Mode) plug-in hybrid model offers 0 to 100km/h in 4.7 seconds, while the four wheel drive high-performance version is engineered to be China’s fastest EV in production that can accelerate 0 to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. The new EV series by BYD can also shed speed from 100kmph to standing still in just 32.8 metres.

In addition, the extended-range premium and 4WD high-performance models provide blind spot monitoring, lane-change assistance, rear collision early warning and other leading functions, which can be upgraded to a comprehensive automatic parking function. The Han can be upgraded with functions including BYD’s ICC Intelligent Navigation System, the ICA Integrated Adaptive Cruise System, and the TJA Traffic Congestion Assistance System.

Additionally, the Han series has been loaded with the latest version of BYD’s DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, along with safety features such as adaptive stop-and-go cruise-control system (ACC-S&G), forward-collision warning system (FCW), pedestrian identification & protection system, a lane departure warning system (LDWS), among others. DiPilot also coupled with the DiTrainer mode, which selectively turns on assisted driving-based factors such as driving behavior, road conditions, weather, and even driving age. The DiLink 3.0 Smart Network system comes with smart voice upgrades and a DiUI upgrade as well as with a 15.6-inch Ultra HD 8-core adaptive rotary suspension PAD.

The Han DM hybrid model serves 81 kilometers of pure-electric cruising range as well as over 800 kilometers of integrated range with five different power modes. The Han EV’s extended-range version also gets the world's highest energy recovery rating, while a double silver-coated windshield and other energy-saving measures ensure value for money for the users.

With an aim to redefine the industry standards, BYD also developed the Blade Battery keeping in mind high performance standards from its new range of electric vehicles. Looking at the Han series clearly indicates that BYD has set new standards for EVs worldwide. With a formidable presence, how much boost the new Han series from BYD can offer to the electric vehicle market across the world will be interesting to watch out for.

Anirudh Raheja
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