Auto Tech Review - Carwale Consumer Survey on Electric Mobility in India


Consumer perspective is important when it comes to adoption of Electric Vehicles in India. We, in association with Car wale bring to you a consumer survey on E-mobility in India.

At the 2019 – India’s most holistic emobility conference organised by Auto Tech Review – a first of its kind electric vehicles survey was conducted among potential consumers to understand their expectations from and awareness about electric cars and electric two-wheelers, primarily electric scooters, in India.

Although a B2B conference, this unique initiative for electric vehicle consumer survey undertaken by Auto Tech Review in association with CarWale – the country’s leading new car research portal – offered the industry unique consumer perspectives on a range of questions related to electric vehicles in India, EV battery & technology, electric vehicle driving range, EV charging stations, etc.

The emobility survey was run over a period of 10 days, and received 170,588 unique consumer responses on electric cars available in India and their perception and understanding of the same. A total of nine questions were asked to respondents that were spread across Tier I (50 %), Tier II (30 %) and Tier III (20 %) cities. About 85 % of the respondents were in the 18-44 years’ bracket, while the rest were above the age of 45 years.

The survey revealed various interesting facts that will be of great interest to manufacturers of electric cars and scooters and other businesses involved directly and indirectly. Consumers responded to nine questions about their understanding of electric vehicles and usage -

  • Do you believe electric cars are a viable alternative to petrol/diesel cars?
  • If an electric car was offered to you at the same price as its petrol/ diesel counterpart, would you buy it?
  • If a plug-in hybrid (needs external charging) car could run 50kms / day on electric charge without consuming any other fuel, what would you buy?
  • Between electric and hybrid cars, which one do you think is better?
  • How much premium are you willing to pay for an electric/hybrid car over a petrol/diesel car?
  • What is the minimum driving range you’d be comfortable with in your electric car?
  • To buy an electric car, how would you want the running cost to be over a petrol/ diesel car?
  • If you buy an electric/plug-in hybrid, how would you charge it?
  • What is the most important feature, besides range, that you look for in an electric car?

Download the consumer survey report on electric vehicles in India below -

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