Continental TCI Enabling Future Development By Nurturing Talent

Continental TCI Enabling Future Development By Nurturing Talent

Continental TCI Future Development Nurturing Talent

TCI provides training programme for young workforce, who in turn bring about advancements in the areas of new-generation technologies

The Indian workforce in the area of IT and software is considered to be highly talented when compared to most other countries, which is the reason for the number of R&D centres present here. In addition, new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) are also gaining strides in the automotive sphere. In a recent conversation with Alexander Klotz, Head - Technical Centre India, Continental, we understand about the company’s tech centre, and the technologies it is focussing on.

The Continental TCI has high software development experience, especially with the fact that it represents all business units of the company, noted Klotz. The centre has expertise in flexible working, with cross-domain knowledge, as well as application building. He said TCI is growing in size and is looking at covering development of more products in the areas of automotive brakes and human machine interface (HMI). It is working on projects relating to markets including India, other parts of Asia, as well as the rest of the world. Within automotive technologies, the two categories of Autonomous Mobility and Safety, and Vehicle Networking and Information, are gaining more prominence in the area of development, added Klotz.

Klotz said it is interesting that AI and ML is not limited to the product being developed, especially with numerous products being deployed with such technologies. Not only in products, but AI is also finding implementation in Industry 4.0 applications. It includes applications like face recognition on machinery, which is becoming important for global operations. Product applications of new-age technologies include recognition, movement of body and faces for road safety, occupant safety and inward-facing cameras. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also being incorporated into newer products and applications, he noted.

In terms of nurturing talent, the company has a programme that builds young talent. This includes a three-month training in technology, programming and innovation. It is not product focussed, but more generic in nature. This is followed by assignment to specific products or business units. Areas including technology know-how and corporate processes are covered besides other technical aspects, Klotz said. In conclusion, Continental TCI covers development of technologies, as well as bringing up talent to be able to develop these technologies.

TEXT: Naveen Arul