Flash Electronics Gaining Momentum In EV Segment Offerings

Flash Electronics Gaining Momentum In EV Segment Offerings

Feature Flash Electronics Gaining Momentum EV Segment Offerings

EV is the growing focus for the company in terms of diversification; continued work towards transforming into a systems solutions provider

Flash Electronics India is known for its competency in developing electronic and electrical automotive components and has been focussed on attaining the status of a Tier I supplier. The company has been working towards being labelled beyond just a supplier of components, by developing modules that can be assembled directly onto end-products of OEMs. In a recent conversation with Sanjeev Vasdev, Managing Director, Flash Electronics Pvt Ltd, we find out more about the company’s new brand identity, technology offering expansion, and new segment entries.

Flash Electronics has launched itself with a completely new brand identity, which now shows the company surpassing its previous product portfolio, which included only electrical and electronic components. Vasdev noted that the new identity wants to encompass the company’s forging and machine shop divisions, which have been part of the business since 2016. Additionally, he said that Flash Electronics is also diversifying into other segments of the automotive industry such as electric vehicle (EV) components as well.


Flash Electronics has most-recently carried out two partnerships that have been in line with the company’s plans to expand its portfolio into the automotive sector. Vasdev said the first partnership is with Italian company Askoll, while the second is with Enerstone of France. The Askoll partnership will include the delivery of electric components for electric scooters of the Italian EV manufacturer. These components will include motor, controller, battery pack, Battery Management System (BMS), and onboard charger.

The partnership with Enerstone involves the development of active BMS which monitors and ensures that batteries are managed optimally. The BMS under development will be used for electric two-wheelers, passenger cars, drones, and solar aircraft. This innovation is expected to enhance the life of the battery by up to 30 %, with the ability to deliver 2,000-2,100 lifecycles of the battery. The development of Flash Electronics for Enerstone also includes solutions for the system to allow fast charging with thermal control.

Flash Electronics aims to gain all the incentives offered under the FAME II programme with regards to the components manufactured for both the mentioned partnerships. Vasdev said the local manufacturing of components will enable these solutions to come under the FAME II plan.


Vasdev said the company believes that the two-wheeler EV market in India is becoming more focussed, especially with the entry of large players like Bajaj into this space. He added that this gives suppliers the confidence to invest in newer technologies focussing around EV components. Flash Electronics is looking into the electric four-wheeler space with a focus on BMS and charging stations alone, noted Vasdev. The company is seeing increased opportunity from the EV space but continues to offer products that enable enhancement in the efficiency of internal combustion engines for two and three-wheelers, especially in line with BS 6 requirements.

TEXT: Naveen Arul