Hyundai Evaluating 1.0 l Turbo-GDI Engine for Grand i10 NIOS

Hyundai Evaluating 1.0 l Turbo-GDI Engine for Grand i10 NIOS

Hyundai Evaluating 1.0 l Turbo-GDI Engine for Grand i10 NIOS

Hyundai recently launched the all-new Grand i10 NIOS which sits above the current Grand i10 hatchback in India. The all-new Grand i10 NIOS in India is essentially the third generation model of the i10 hatchback, however the modern avatar and feature rich cabin make it a potential blockbuster amongst millennials. Auto Tech Review has recently learned that Hyundai is currently evaluating the application of a performance oriented turbo-GDI engine for the new Grand i10 NIOS.

The first Hyundai model to get the turbo-GDI engine was the Venue, the downsized 1.0 l three cylinder motor is rated to produce 118 hp and is also offered with a 7-speed DCT. It is possible that Hyundai may offer this motor with a manual and automatic transmission on the Grand i10 NIOS. Earlier reports have also suggested that the new 1.0 l turbo-GDI petrol engine will make its way on the upcoming i20 premium hatchback.

If Hyundai does go ahead and bring the 1.0 l turbo-GDI on the new Grand i10 NIOS it may come in as a sportier variant that would take on the likes of the Polo GT and Maruti’s Baleno RS. Further, the variant could also feature a sportier suspension and high-performance brakes.

Downsizing of powertrains is becoming a new trend to improve the fuel efficiency and improve the performance as well. Hyundai has reportedly prepared turbo-GDI engines in many segments however, at the moment it is not certain if the new Grand i10 NIOS will get this motor.

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