Mahindra Truck & Bus’ Game-Changing FuelSmart Technology

Mahindra Truck & Bus’ Game-Changing FuelSmart Technology

Mahindra Truck & Bus’ Game-Changing FuelSmart Technology

Achieving fuel efficiency has been a big focus area for automotive OEMs, and the commercial vehicle industry is no exception. Truck manufacturers across the country have been consistently focussing on offering best-in-class fuel efficiency, but it was Mahindra Truck & Bus Division (MTBD) who marched ahead of its competitors with its much-talked-about FuelSmart technology on its Blazo trucks. This new technology has surely upped the ‘fuel efficiency’ quotient in the Indian commercial vehicle space.

Why has this FuelSmart technology attracted so much public attention? Well, Mahindra Truck & Bus Division literally did the ‘unthinkable’ and offered fuel efficiency guarantee on its Blazo trucks, and also made a commitment to take the truck back if its fuel efficiency guarantee was not matched by the vehicle’s mileage performance. The FuelSmart technology offers three driving modes – something that has never happened in the Indian trucking space – this technology ensures the engine delivers three driving modes - light (174 hp), heavy (230 hp) and turbo (274 hp) at the click of a button.

So how these different driving modes of the FuelSmart technology work? A Blazo truck driver operates at a lower horse power mode of 174 hp, while driving on an empty road on a plain highway. A Blazo truck driver can shift to 230 hp, while driving a fully-loaded truck in a slight gradient; a truck with such driving mode ensures a faster trip as it moves fast in a loaded condition. Interestingly, a Blazo truck using the 230 hp driving mode, can move in a higher gear (either third or fourth gear) despite the higher hp. This is where Blazo scores over its competitors as any other truck operating at that horse power would be driving in second gear.

A Blazo truck driver can further shift to 274 hp while driving in the ghats. The FuelSmart technology really stands out in the market for its deployment in the ghat areas. For example, a fully-loaded Blazo while passing through Lonavla or Khandala ghat (mountain pass) can shift to 274 hp and can still drive in a higher gear in the ghat areas with a lesser rpm. The FuelSmart technology not only helps save fuel, but also helps a truck operator reduce turnaround time and undertake more number of trips. This is where Blazo benefits from the FuelSmart technology as its competitors would literally crawl driving at that horse power, operate at low gear, have a lower hp and a higher rpm, consume higher fuel as well as need longer turnaround time. What’s more, a Blazo truck driver using the FuelSmart technology does not have to stop the vehicle for altering the engine modes an can do so as per the road conditions.

Pumped up with the market acceptance of the FuelSmart technology for its Blazo trucks, Mahindra Truck and Bus Division is offering the same technology with recently unveiled ICV Furio that also features three driving modes –140 hp, 125 hp and 110 hp.

Vinod Sahay, CEO, Mahindra Truck & Bus Division, said it is not just about providing an engine or three switches, since it is an electric engine controlled by an ECU at every gear point. “With every power mode in a different duty cycle, we capture the data and get the engine running at the most efficient brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) curve," he noted.

Sahay said the complex algorithm the company has designed for the truck is much more complex than just offering three switches. Many players have tried to come up with these power switches and some of them have in fact, removed it as it was doing more damage to the vehicle, he added.