Paracoat Products Upbeat about Futuristic Comfort Features

Paracoat Products Upbeat about Futuristic Comfort Features

Paracoat Products Upbeat about Futuristic Comfort Features

The company unveiled some eye-catching features - thermal drink holder and steering wheel heater and cooler at the recent 2020 Auto Expo Components Show

Vehicles are increasingly getting sophisticated with more focus on enhancing the ‘comfort quotient’. And this higher focus on the ‘comfort’ element in cars effectively means that vehicles on the interior side are packed in with features like never before. Paracoat Products Ltd recently unveiled some eye-catching features at the recent 2020 Auto Expo Components Show.

The company showcased a thermal drink holder that could be a unique selling point for car buyers. Paracoat Products is collaborating with Japan-based Ferro Tac to bring this feature for the Indian market. This feature enables vehicle occupants, who desire a cup of hot coffee or a cold drink in the car to keep their coffee hot or their cold drink cold by putting it on the thermal drink holder. "If a vehicle occupant wants to sip a cup of hot coffee, he or she can get the coffee hot by using the thermal drink holder; similarly, if a vehicle occupant desires a cold drink, he just needs to slot it in the thermal drink holder. We believe this is a unique feature and it has been liked by every OEM at the Auto Expo Components Show. Of course, this is feature is a bit futuristic but we expect some cars in India to line up this feature by 2022-2023, said Rajesh Poddar, Director, Paracoat Products Ltd.

The senior Paracoat Products official also talked about its unveiling - steering wheel heater and cooler for which it also collaborated with Ferro Tac. “The steering wheel heater and cooler feature is another unique feature. Indian summer temperatures can go up in excess of 40 degree Celsius on account of which the steering wheel temperature may be much more because of the heat transferring inside the car. In such a scenario one just needs to press the cold button to make the steering wheel during summer. Again during winter the steering wheel can be turned hot within a fraction of a second by pressing the hot button,” explained Poddar.

Both these thermal drink holder and steering wheel heater and cooler are OEM-development linked features. “These features will come to the market through the OEM route since they cannot be offered as an aftermarket fitment as it can have packaging issues due to electronics involved in such features," said the top Paracoat Products official.

The automotive industry has been battling a prolonged slowdown for the past twelve months  and like OEMs, automotive component suppliers have also borne the brunt of the prevailing slowdown. However, Paracoat Products insists that the downbeat market sentiment hasn’t exactly been disappointing. “The last twelve months have been tough for all component suppliers including us, but we have handled the slowdown well. We have bagged projects from Renault Nissan, Kia Motors India and MG Motor India that has stood us in good stead,” quips Poddar. The company supplied NVH and thermal solutions to MG Motor India and Renault Nissan and damping materials to Kia Motors India.

Paracoat Products is focussing on what it can do best with CAFE norms fast approaching. “We are doing our best to reduce 40-50 % weight on all our parts while at the same time keeping a similar amount of specifications and performance,” he added.