Sandhar Amkin to achieve ECE R22.06 compliance for MAVOX helmets

Sandhar Amkin to achieve ECE R22.06 compliance for MAVOX helmets

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With Mavox helmets advanced enough to soon achieve ECE R22.06 compliance, the company is also working on enhanced parameters like air filtering and stronger visors. Ayyushman Mehta, Managing Director, throws some light on recent developments and coronavirus crisis impact

Mavox helmets were able to improve the safety of their helmet designs and comply with ECE R22.06 standards. Also, the addition of air filters inside helmets addressed the recent air pollutants faced by two-wheeler riders. However, the COVID-19 epidemic has put the entire production and sales ecosystem at an indefinite halt. Sandhar Amkin has been able to help its workers and also started face shields for emergency responders.

Besides structural safety, other parameters were added to helmet design

‘The upcoming ECE R22.o6 standard will also add new checks and design criteria. These include additional reflectivity, rotational testing, modular helmets double code (P/J), new speeds, the limit for high and low energy impact and oblique impact test method to measure rotational acceleration. The introduction of new possible extra impact points and high-speed particle tests will enhance visor performance. Moving forwards to ECE R22.07 for the next amendment 07, all the possible tests for ventilation will be considered. Apart from ventilation, it is advisable to take the air filtering for hygienic safety.’

ECE 22.06 has more stringent testing

Newer and stricter regulations combined with motorcycle crash data makes the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) 22.06 compliance further safer for helmet design. Full-face helmets already have structural advantages as the shell and eps liner design involve a lot of race learnings. For the modular class of helmets, tests will be conducted with the chin bar lowered and open position both. The helmet must meet regulations in both the positions for the safety of a user. Visor integrity should be able to withstand a steel ball shot at 60 meters per second. This almost equates to a pebble flying at a motorcyclist’s visor above 200 kmph. Another cause of severe injury to riders is rotational twisting causing damage to the brain. This parameter too will be a standard part of ECE 22.06 testing to be tested under differing angles and speeds. Further addition of reflective stickers and warning stickers on helmets without chin safety are included as well. Even sun visors and Bluetooth devices will be accounted for in the new ECE 22.06 regulations.

Market crisis has shifted focus temporarily

‘Considering the ongoing situation in our country, the logistics and supply chain have been stopped. We have focused on the three principles of staying positive, upbeat and togetherness. Our current focus has shifted from manufacturing and sales to developing new products and optimizing costs to preserve cash. This will help generate new businesses and better preparedness for the period after the lockdown. Online Learning as per Training Need Identification has been key to refresh our knowledge and go back to the virtual classroom. We are starting to produce medical face shields for the front line COVID warriors, for which our team has worked very hard to develop it in a short time with limited resources.’

Further expansion into new categories

‘We are planning to expand our product range into more segments of protective gear, such as riding accessories for two-wheeler riders. Adhering to our main motto to provide the utmost safety, comfort, and function, these products will comply with the most efficient safety norms. Our R&D team is continuously working to explore the best products to satisfy customer demand‘.

Author: Abhijeet Singh