Shell Intends to Foray into EV Charging Infrastructure Space

Shell Intends to Foray into EV Charging Infrastructure Space

Shell is working with a couple of partners and external joint ventures in Europe as well as a couple of starts-ups in India towards creating EV charging infrastructure

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is still at a nascent stage compared to countries like China and Norway, where it has taken off in a big way. And Shell Lubricants India is geared up to be part of the country’s EV journey. The company recently rolled out its own range of EV fluids for the Indian market. “Shell has brought out its own range of EV fluids for our OEM partners two months back. These EV fluids have high power and are designed to deliver optimum performance,” said Mansi Tripathy, Country Head – Shell Lubricants India Cluster.

The senior Shell Lubricants India Cluster official stated that the company is focussing on foraying into EV charging space. “Shell is not just oil & gas supplier but energy supplier as well and electrification is very much part of our portfolio. We are working with a couple of partners and external joint ventures in Europe and a couple of starts-ups in India to ensure we are providing infrastructure and facilities for EV charging. A lot of active work is going on in this area.”

Mansi elaborated on Shell’s active participation in the EV space. “Electric vehicle is a trend we all have to embrace and I believe it is a right thing from a long-term perspective. Shell is producing friction and even in EVs there are frictional elements which we can solve. We are realistic about how we can ride on the EV trend.”

She shared her perspective on the global EV trends. “Electrification is very high in Europe and Nordic nations and consumer behaviour in these nation indicates that actual charging at fuel stations is very low as charging is happening when a consumer is either sleeping (in big resident societies), working (in office) or shopping (in malls). There is a need to create charging bays outside fuel stations.”

Mansi hoped that there will be more clarity about the country’s long-term EV policy. “Are swappable batteries going to be the bigger trend? What will be the revenue charging mechanism in India? We are talking to CIA and Niti Aayog. A lot of work remains to be done so that there is more standardisation and right value for the consumer. We must get prepared for any scenario and have to work in tandem to find a solution as this cannot be solved by OEM partner and government alone.”

On the future, Mansi said Shell is closely keeping a tab on how the future lubricants space will pan out. “We are doing a lot of scenario planning and striving to understand which part of the lubricant business will get ultimately impacted. We need to ensure we are working on larger lubricant trends like fuel efficiency, cleaner engines, ODI improvements as well as get ready for change that is happening in the auto industry.”