TVS SBS May Improve Safety For Scooter Riders

TVS SBS May Improve Safety For Scooter Riders

TVS SBS Safety Scooter

TVS Motor Company recently introduced its Sync Brake System (SBS) in the Wego and Jupiter scooters. The company claims this braking technology was developed after significant research in the physics and engineering of two-wheeler braking systems, and a study of customer requirements and expectations.

TVS’ SBS technology (which actually takes a cue from Honda’s CBS linked braking system for two-wheelers) works on a reactive relay lever to induce braking of the front wheel in quick succession to that of the rear wheel when the rear brake lever is operated. The relay effect ensures that the transition plays out smoothly and the deceleration is evenly distributed between the front and rear wheels, thus offering superior braking performance and control. Like Honda’s CBS, SBS invokes automatic application of the front brakes when the rear brake is applied, which results in an improvement in the overall braking performance.

When the rear brake is applied, it triggers a single brake control mechanism called ‘The Multiplier,’ which transfers the input force to both the wheels without any division of force. This results in a reduction in the amount of force required to apply the brakes, enabling the rider to carry out the braking activity with ease.

SBS is said to improve braking efficiency and synchronises the braking between the front and rear wheels with a pre-determined delay. In addition, the force limiter function makes it a low maintenance system.

TVS says SBS is very well suited to scooters, which typically do not attain very high speeds. It must be noted that those who ride bigger, more powerful motorcycles often prefer to maintain independent braking control over their bike’s front and rear brake operation. The reason for this is that automatic application of braking at either the front or the rear wheel might, in certain circumstances, negatively affect handling and control. However, on low-power scooters, this is usually not an issue and technologies like SBS are likely to promote safety.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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