37th FISITA Automotive Congress Welcomes Engineering Community Participation

37th FISITA Automotive Congress Welcomes Engineering Community Participation


The 37th FISITA World Automotive Congress, organised by SAEINDIA together with FISITA extended a welcome reception to all the participants of the automotive engineering extravaganza. The three-day congress, organised around the theme of ‘Disruptive Technologies for Affordable and Sustainable Mobility’, begins today.

Dr Pawan Goenka, Patron - FISITA 2018 Congress and Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd welcomed participants from India as well as other countries to three days of discussions around disruptive technologies in the automotive industry. He added that the organisers have put in a lot of effort over the last three years in ensuring the event sees the light of the day.

Stating that the World Automotive Congress will witness an interesting series of speakers presenting various topics relevant to future mobility solutions, Dr Goenka also urged delegates and participants to visit the exposition as well as attend various sessions and make the most of it.

This edition is said to have a number of ‘firsts’ to its credit – for the fi rst time, 12 plenary sessions are being organised in parallel. The event received 1,200 abstracts of technical papers, which have been shortlisted to 305. It was also for the fi rst time in FISITA history that the organisers utilised anti-plagiarism software during the shortlisting process of the technical papers. The FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress is expected to feature 1,200 participants, with 114 international delegates.

Welcoming all delegates, Dr Aravind Bharadwaj, Chairman - Steering Committee, FISITA 2018 and Chief Technology Officer, Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd said the organisers are looking forward to productive deliberations at the conference, in addition to an excellent show in terms of delegates, participation in the exposition and support from partners. “Enjoy yourself and look forward to the real show from tomorrow onwards,” Dr Bharadwaj said during the welcome reception.

Rashmi Urdhwareshe, Chairperson - Industry Interface, FISITA 2018 and Director, ARAI, said FISITA and SAEINDIA are two independent, strong brands that have come together for this event and added that everyone is looking forward to all the technical deliberations at the conference. Urdhwareshe further said all the noble ideas that come out of this event should be used for the journey towards sustainable mobility in the world. She noted that this event will provide a platform for the automotive engineering community to meet, greet and exchange views with one another.

The FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress is the largest gathering of mobility engineers in Asia, observed Chris Mason, Chief Executive, FISITA UK. He hopes that this edition breaks records in terms of technical discussions, and urged participants to make the most of this conference. Meanwhile, Dan Nicholson, Vice President - Global Propulsion Systems, GM and President, FISITA said FISITA is delighted to partner with SAEINDIA in this edition of the World Automotive Congress. The event is focussed on helping mobility, thereby helping the society at large.

The organisers also handed over details of the technical sessions to their respective chairpersons. Additionally, the jury for the technical papers provided all the details of the papers presented. All in all, the welcome reception was a teaser event to the FISITA 2018 World Automotive Congress, providing a glimpse of what can be expected over the next three days that will largely revolve around brainstorming and knowledge exchange around disruptive technologies for affordable and sustainable mobility.

Anirudh Raheja
Author: Anirudh Raheja
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