Show Ground: Altair Bets Big on Simulation Solutions for E-mobility

Show Ground: Altair Bets Big on Simulation Solutions for E-mobility


Altair is showcasing a gamut of solutions under the Altair HyperWorks and Altair solidThinking brand of solutions at the at 2018 FISITA Automotive World Congress in Chennai. The company’s key focus at the Chennai event is the deployment of simulation for electric motors and e-mobility solutions. Altair brings in the simulation driven-design approach, where the benefits of simulation technologies are extended in an easy-to-use environment, harnessed early in the product design cycle, where the freedom for exploration is the maximum. “This exploration unearths the wide range of product design and manufacturing feasibilities for the design engineering community providing enhanced scope for innovation early in the design cycle,” said Pavan Kumar, Managing Director, Altair India.

Having played a pioneering role in bringing the simulation technology to engineering and prototyping communities, Altair’s new innovative products includes Altair Inspire™ Platform and Altair 365™ combine early concept development, virtual validation, and manufacturability to innovate products faster on-premises and in  the cloud. As India is fast progressing towards implementation of BS VI emission norms in 2020, Kumar feels that the approach to meeting the emission standard is manifold. He added that just mere use of aftertreatment devices does not help meet the norms. On emissions, Kumar said the parameters such as the fuel, engine, tuning, operational load, control devices, along with reducing the weight of the structure along with rotational inertias are useful in the journey of BS VI. Thus, a
holistic approach is required to effectively meet the norms, he noted. Altair’s award-winning OptiStruct technology that has enjoyed three decades in the industry can be very useful, if applied properly. Additionally, Altair has Math modelling tools to model the system in a 1D environment to do quick what-if studies to understand the effect of parameters on emission. Altair also provides partner technologies viz. AVL Fire to help customers benefit from their existing investments in HyperWorks.
For the upcoming safety regulations, Altair already has well-established technologies (Radioss) to help OEMs design safety standards be it structural safety or occupant safety (regardless of the size of the occupant).

Looking at electric vehicles as a true challenge of the future, Kumar stresses that Altair has several pieces of technology already in place. The company is actively working with the industry and leading academic institutions like MIT in the US to develop missing pieces of the technology. Important pieces of technology to design, study and optimise the structure; thermal management system for battery; electric powertrain and control system for power electronics, system modelling including co-simulation (with or without FMI/FMU), electro-magnetic compliance from electricals and embedded systems are already in place. Altair enjoys working with the industry in a collaborative manner and is looking forward to such engagements in India as well.

Anirudh Raheja
Author: Anirudh Raheja
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