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Peiseler Fuel Meter PFM
This newly-developed fuel meter is especially designed for fuel consumption measurement in mobile vehicle testing and on the test bench. The Peiseler Fuel Meter PFM is a small, compact flow sensor for recording the fuel consumption of internal combustion engines. The fuel meter due to its easy handling, high measuring accuracy and robust construction, is suitable for a wide variety of fuel consumption measurement requirements.

ILog Data Logger
The ILog data logger is the heart of the brake evaluation system and can take various inputs like analog, digital, frequency, CAN and video camera. It comes with a touchscreen display, memory card and inbuilt GPS/IMU as options.


Jasti Flex-PLI GTR
Flex-PLI has high bio-fidelity, especially to its centre bone part, which is moulded with glass fibre reinforced plastic with thin wraps that provides the flexibility and stiffness with high reliability, repeatability and durability. It is equipped with four full bridge strain gages in Tibia and three full bridge strain gages in Femur with small power amplifiers on bone core to measure the bending moment in each. The knee parts comprises sharply machined aluminium condyles and joined by steel cables and springs, which replicates the ligament in the real human knee. Four sets of string potentiometers are located inside the knee condyle to measure LCL, MCL, ACL and PCL keeping the DAS space to be built-in, which was designed to make the teat easier to handle in free flight motion.

AB Dynamics SoftCrash Target Vehicles
AB Dynamics offers two types of soft crash target vehicle for testing of vehicle active safety systems. Both can be synchronised with other human or robot driven-test vehicles. GST: The Guided Soft Target (GST) allows precisely synchronised crash scenarios up to 110 km/h. The GST has a low profile electrically driven chassis. It carries a foam panel car body with a EuroNCAP approved radar reflective cover. GST – HD: The GST-HD has a maximum axle payload of 9 tonnes. It allows ADAS testing of heavy trucks at up to 70km/h. SCT: The Soft Crash Target Vehicle (SCT) is suitable for urban environment ADAS testing at speeds up to 50 km/h. The electrically-driven drive unit is protected by inflatable cushions. It has a radar reflective cover.


ATLATEC has started the services of creating detailed map data in 3D of your test tracks, standard city routes, highways etc. Our survey vehicle with the ATLATEC can reach the locations as per our customer requirements to collect data, which is then converted into 3D maps using atlamap. The level of detail can be chosen by our customers. A wide range of output formats enables easy integration with your software. In fact, we can also generate top view images using atlamap. The maps created in atlamap can be used: for simulation purposes; as reference for evaluation; in self-driving cars; and for ADAS testing and development and much more.

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