Show Ground: COMSOL To Unveil Simulation Solutions


COMSOL will be showcasing its simulation solutions at the 2018 FISITA World Automotive Congress in Chennai. The company’s flagship multiphysics simulation software can couple different physical phenomena and model their interaction as it happens in the real world. This enables the simulation of virtually any physics-based system. The simulation platform can be further expanded, with tools for electrical, structural, acoustic, chemical applications, and so on. Once a mature multiphysics model is ready, it can be converted into a specialised simulation aid using the Application Builder tool, which is built into the COMSOL multiphysics software platform.

The company claims to be a frontrunner as far as engineering and research innovation are concerned. Dr Vineet Dravid, Managing Director, COMSOL India, will provide a keynote talk in Session 49, where insights will be provided on how simulation can be used in an organisation, not just by CAE analysts but by anyone involved in product development. It will show how engineers, technicians and product designers can collaborate on models, with a fundamental change in the entire development process as a result. The company will also showcase how process efficiency can be increased.

COMSOL said that as more and more companies walk down the simulation path to address the future challenges such as the move towards electric vehicles, connected and autonomous driving, there is a huge reliance on CAE experts, leading to simulation bottlenecks across the industry. The company’s simulation apps are said to help overcome this challenge by democratising simulation benefits among non-experts. The simulation solutions provider sees engineering simulation maturing significantly over the past decade, but said there is a pressing need for an easy-to-use tool in organisations, which will enable designers and field engineers to take quick decisions concerning design feasibility or change in operating conditions. COMSOL offers those solutions with its robust multiphysics modelling capabilities, and will continue to improve the software as well as make it even more relevant to the industry needs.

Anirudh Raheja
Author: Anirudh Raheja
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