What to Expect at FISITA Show on October 4, 2018


08:30 - 10:30 

NVB3: Incab, Exhaust & Pass by Noise - Session 23 (Hall 3)
Chairman: S Janardhanan, Simpsons, India
Rapporteur: P Sivaraman, Ashok Leyland Ltd., India
Keynote Speaker: Rakesh Bidre, General Motors, India

VDY3: Suspension - Session 24 (Hall 4)
Chairman: Dr N Karuppaiah, NATRiP, India
Rapporteur: Dr K Kamalakannan, SRM University, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Rajendra Abhange, Gabriel, India

APS3: Bio-Mechanics - Session 25 (Hall 5)
Chairman: Dr SS Thipse, ARAI, India
Rapporteur: Dr Srinivas Gunti, Mahindra Research Valley, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Chandra K Thorbole, Thorbole Simulation Technologies, USA

EHV3: Design Aspects of EV/HEV - Session 26 (Hall 6)
Chairman: Dr Biswajit Tripathy, GM, India 
Rapporteur: Nimmagadda Ramakrishna, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Keynote Speaker: Dr Peter Heuser, FEV Group GmBH, Germany

PTE8: Powertrain Technology - Session 72 (Plenary Hall)
Chairman: Dr Deepak Saxena, Indian Oil
Rapporteur: Ashish Jain, ARAI

11:00 - 13:00

PTE9: After Treatment Devices - Session 31 (Hall 1)
Chairman: Prakash V Sardesai, Sud-Chemie, India
Rapporteur: Dr Anand Gurupatham, Renault-Nissan, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Rajadurai, Shardha Motors, India

PTE10: Fuel Injection System - Session 32 (Hall 2)
Chairman: MP Shinde, TATA, India
Rapporteur: SB Sonawane, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: Dr Christian Teich, BOSCH, India

NVB4: NVH Simulation (PowerTrain) - Session 33 (Hall 3)
Chairman: Dr MN Ambardekar, TATA, India
Rapporteur: S Kumara Swamy, Siemens, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Gotthard Rainer, AVL List GmbH, Germany

VDY4: Steering - Session 34 (Hall 4)
Chairman: AA Badusha, ARAI
Rapporteur: Dr Amala Justice, Vel Tech, India
Keynote Speaker: RM Thirupathi, RANE, India

APS4: Advanced Driver Assist Systems - Session 35 (Hall 5)
Chairman: Pratyush Khare, TATA, India
Rapporteur: Dr Sengupta, IIT Kharagpur, India
Keynote Speaker: Sanjeet Srivastava, Accenture, India

EHV4: Battery Technology - Session 36 (Hall 6)
Chairman: Dr Tapan Sahoo, Maruti Suzuki
Rapporteur: S Kannan, Ashok Leyland, India
Keynote Speakers: Matthias Popp, SGS, Switzerland and Koji Tamenori, HONDA, Japan

ACV4: V2V/V2I - Session 37 (Hall 7)
Chairman: Mrs Ujjwala Karle, ARAI
Rapporteur: Khushwant Pawar, ETAS, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Thomas Hulshorst, FEV, Germany

MFM4: Material Characterization - Session 38 (Hall 8)
Chairman: Sanjay Nibandhe, ARAI
Rapporteur: Jayaraj Radhakrishnan, GM, India
Keynote Speaker: Ravi Mallapragada, Accenture, India

VCP4: Two and Three Wheelers - Session 39 (Hall 9)
Chairman: Arun Sivasubrahmaniyan, HERO, India
Rapporteur: Venkatasubramanian Ravichandran, General Motors, India
Keynote Speaker: Harjeet Singh, Hero MotoCorp, India

STN5: Life Cycle Assessment - Session 40 (Hall 10)
Chairman: MV Ramachandran, GARC, India
Rapporteur: Gaurav Shinde, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: Anirbhan Ghosh, Mahindra, India

STN4: Simulation Technology – Session 73 (Plenary Hall)
Chairman: Robert Chimeno, Applus+ IDIADA, Spain
Rapporteur: Prasana Deshpande, Mathworks, India

Disruptive Technologies Plenary Session 2

14:00 to 15:00

Chairman: Mr CV Raman, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Speakers: Autonomous Mobility: Dr Azim Eskandarian, Virginia Tech, USA and Dr Anand Gopalan, Velodyne Lidar, USA

 ACV3: Artificial Intelligence - Session 27 (Hall 7)
Chairman: Suresh Upplapatti, Acccenture, India
Rapporteur: Kinthala Nareen, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Keynote Speakers: Sri Krishnan, BOSCH, India and Mrs Vilasini Prabhu, RNTBCI

MFM3: Industrial Engineering - Session 28 (Hall 8)
Chairman: Paul Sundar Singh, Accenture, India
Rapporteur: Gowtham Nukala, General Motors, India
Keynote Speaker: Kanji Fujii, HONDA, Japan

VCP3: Off-Highway Engineering - Session 29 (Hall 9)
Chairman: Dipankar Banerjee, TIPL, India
Rapporteur: Ravi Goyal, General Motors, India
Keynote Speakers: Saurabh Dalela, JCB, India and Anandkumar Dhanaraj, Caterpillar

STN3: End of Life - Session 30 (Hall 10)

Chairman: Prof Asit Barma, IMT Ghaziabad, India
Rapporteur: M Praveen Kumar, GARC, India
Keynote Speaker: Capt Mohan Ram, TVS, India

15:00 - 17:00

PTE11: Transmission Components -Session 41 (Hall 1)
Chairman: Dr R Venugopal, Pennar Industries, India
Rapporteur: Prasanna Deshmukh, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: Pankaj Sonalkar, Mahindra, India

PTE12: Powertrain Virtual Design & Testing - Session 42 (Hall 2)
Chairman: Meenakshi Sundaram, GATES CORPORATION, India
Rapporteur: Rashmi Rao, ETAS, India
Keynote Speaker: Senthur Pandian, Mahindra, India

NVB5: Vehicle & Systems NVH - Session 43 (Hall 3)
Chairman: Dr Gyan Arora, Consultant, India
Rapporteur: Ninad Pachhapurkar, ARAI, India
Keynote Speaker: Kalyankumar Sidram Hatti, Ashok Leyland, India

VDY5: Vehicle Human Interface - Session 44 (Hall 4)
Chairman: Pradeep C, Force, India
Rapporteur: Mahesh Padmanbh, ARAI, India
Keynote Speaker: Bibin George, Accenture, India

APS5: Occupant Safety - Session 45 (Hall 5)
Chairman: Dr Shankar Venugopal, Mahindra, India
Rapporteur: M Rafiq Agrewale, ARAI, India
Keynote Speaker: Elliot Deavasagayam, GM, India 

PTE13: Heat Recovery Management - Session 46 (Hall 6)
Chairperson: Pamela Tikku, ICAT, India
Rapporteur: Rajrajeswari, GARC, India
Keynote Speaker: Ravi Chidambar, TATA Toyo Radiator Ltd., India

ACV5: LIDAR/Detection Technology - Session 47 (Hall 7)
Chairman: Dr Iven Jose, Christ University, India
Rapporteur: Chandrakant Awate, TATA, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Amod Anand Kumar, Mathworks, India

MFM5: Non-Metals - Session 48 (Hall 8)
Chairman: Dr Umesh Krishna Bhagat, GM, India
Rapporteur: Ajeet Babu, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: R Srinivas, Ashok Leyland, India

STN6: Advanced Simulation - Session 49 (Hall 9)
Chairman: Dr M Sathya Prasad, Ashok Leyland, India
Rapporteur: Prof D Muruganandam, Jeppiaar Institute of Technology, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr Vineet Dravid, COMSOL, India

STN7: Regulations & Standards - Session 50 (Hall 10)
Chairman: Balraj Bhanot, Consultant, India
Rapporteur: UD Bangale, ICAT, India
Keynote Speaker: Shinto Joseph, LDRA, India

EHV5: Hybrid Technology – Session 74 (Plenary Hall)
Chairman: Sushil Berry, FEV, India
Rapporteur: Sameer Tikar, ARAI

Disruptive Technologies Plenary Session 3

17:00 to 18:00

Chairman: Dr Arun Jaura, Michelin, India
Speaker on Electric Mobility: Dan Nicholson, General Motors, USA
Connected Mobility: Dr Thomas Hulshorst, FEV, Germany

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