What to expect at FISITA Show on October 5, 2018

What to expect at FISITA Show on October 5, 2018


08:30 - 10:30

PTE14 PowerTrain Design- Session 51 Hall 1
Chairman: N V Marathe, ARAI
Rapporteur: Dr. O.P. Bharadwaj, FEV, Germany
Keynote Speaker: Krishnan Sadagopan, Ashok Leyland, India

PTE15 Engine Simulation/ Optimization - Session 52 Hall 2
Chairman: Amar Variawa, Vestas, India
Rapporteur: Zaheer Mohammed, Mahindra & Mahindra, India
Keynote Speaker: Vittorio Manente, Aramco, France

NVB6 Sound Quality & BSR (Buzz, Squeaks, Rattle) - Session 53 Hall 3
Chairman: S. Ramanathan, ATS-India
Rapporteur: Praveen Kumar, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Keynote Speaker: Srinivasan Raju, Consultant, India

VDY6 Vehicle Control System - Session 54 Hall 4
Chairman: Luděk Hynčík, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
Rapporteur: Sameer Damle, ETAS, India
Keynote Speaker: Dinesh Shyamsundar, WABCO, India

APS6 Safety Testing - Session 55 Hall 5
Chairman: B V Shamsundara, ARAI
Rapporteur: Rohan G Raj, GM, India
Keynote Speaker: Pratyush Khare, TATA, India

EHV6 Battery Management System - Session 56 Hall 6
Chairman: Dr Allabaksh Naikodi, Mahindra Electric, India
Rapporteur: Huzefa, Ashok Leyland, India
Keynote Speaker: Chaitanya Kulkarni, Devise Electronics, India

ACV6 Autonomous Vehicle Control - Session 57 Hall 7
Chairman: Javaji Munirathnam, Javaji M Consulting, India
Rapporteur: Vijayalayan, Mathworks, India
Keynote Speaker: Sridhar Sundaram, Accenture, India

MFM7 Joining Technology - Session 58 Hall 8
Chairman: P. K. Banerjee, SIAM, India
Rapporteur: Dhanasekaran, Ashok Leyland, India
Keynote Speaker: S. G. Kulkarni

VCP5 Automotive Electronics - Session 59 Hall 9
Chairman: Marco Paletti, Accenture, India
Rapporteur: Yogesh Nagendiran, Renault-Nissan, India
Keynote Speaker: Kashitij Wat, GM, India

STN8 Sustainable Value Approach - Session 60 Hall 10
Chairman: P Thukaram, Altair, India
Rapporteur: Venkatesh S, SAEINDIA, India
Keynote Speaker: M. Dhananjayan Focus Engineering, India

MFM6 ET5 Manufacturing Technology – Session 75 Plenary Hall
Chairman: Dr. V. Balasubramanian, Simpsons, India
Rapporteur: Swaroop Kavi, General Motors, India


11:00 - 13:00

FLC1 Alternative Fuels, Oils & Lubricants - Session 61 Hall 1
Chairman: Dr D K Tuli, Indian Oil
Rapporteur: Naajein Cherat, GM, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr R K Malhotra, Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry, India

PTE16 Combustion Simulation - Session 62 Hall 2
Chairman: Dr. P. A. Lakshminarayanan, SIMPSONS, India
Rapporteur: K Saravanan, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: Yogesh Umbarkar RICARDO, India

NVB7 NVH Simulation (Vehicle System) - Session 63 Hall 3
Chairman: N V Karanth, ARAI
Rapporteur: Keshav Mutalik, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: Mahavir Patil, ETAS, India

VDY7 Aerodynamics - Session 64 Hall 4
Chairman: Prof. Ondřej Vaculín, CAS Czech Automotive Society, Czech Republic
Keynote Speaker: Bhavesh Kumar, Dassault Systèmes, India

APS7 Accident Research - Session 65 Hall 5
Chairman: Ms. Manisha Sriraman, Accenture, India
Rapporteur: Gulshan Noorsumar, GM, India
Keynote Speaker: Ravishankar Rajaraman, JP Research, India

EHV7 EV/HEV Power Electronics - Session 66 Hall 6
Chairman: Arun Komawar, Consultant, India
Rapporteur: Gayatri Sindhu, GM, India
Keynote Speaker: Mahesh Babu, Mahindra Electric, India

MFM8 Material Testing- Session 67 Hall 7}
Chairman: Dr. R Basargekar, APPL Industries, India
Rapporteur: Dr. Ajay Kumar, Donaldson, India
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Guru Rajan, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

MFM9 Surface Engineering & Coating - Session 68 Hall 8
Chairman: S Ravishankar, Ashok Leyland, India
Rapporteur: Dr. A T Ravichandran, VEL Tech, India
Keynote Speaker: Santosh Rane SKF, India

STN9 Testing & Measurement - Session 70 Hall 10
Chairman: Dipjyoti Banerjee, SGS, India
Rapporteur: V Srinivasa Chandra, Ashok Leyland, India
Keynote Speaker: Andreas Klegraf, ETAS, Germany 

MFM10 Advanced Materials - Session 69 Hall 9
Chairman: Avinash Arankalle, Consultant, India
Rapporteur: Virendra Kuwar, ARAI
Keynote Speaker: Uday Vaidhya, Jacobs Engineering India Private Limited, India 

Disruptive Technologies Plenary Session 4

14:00 to 15:00

Chairman: Mr. Rajan Wadhera Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Shared Mobility
Speakers: Shared Mobility: Dr V. Sumantran, Celeris Technologies and Greg Moran, Zoom Cars

Panel Discussion – Policy Framework for Disruptive Technology

15:00 to 16:00

Chairman: Dr. Pawan Goenka, Mahindra & Mahindra, India
Speakers: Eric Schaeffer, Accenture Technologies, Dr Frank Zhao, Tsinghua University, Vinod K Dasari, Ashok Leyland, Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT-Madras, Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog, India

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