Igus Presents 2019 Manus Awards

Igus Presents 2019 Manus Awards

Igus Presents 2019 Manus Awards

Tooltec Offshore inspection Device by Scottish Engineering Company has won the top prize at 2019 manus awards presented by Igus

ToolTec offshore inspection device by Scottish Engineering Company has won the 2019 manus award by Igus for the innovative use of high performance plastics in bearings. Where floating catamaran iFLY 15 won the first runner up prize, the third place award was given to an assistance system that supports driving by disabled people. The jury was represented by stakeholders from varied segments that shortlisted applications based on their technical and economic efficiency. A total of 445 inventors from 32 countries had applied for the manus award this time.

ToolTec allows engaged in underwater oil and gas platform operations to cleaning and better inspection of pipelines. It is an off-shore inspection device that can wrap around the pipe and move ahead on rollers while cleaning pipe and also inspecting for weaker spots simultaneously. High performance plastic bearings by Igus such as iglidur plain bearings, drylin linear guides and an e-chain for safe cable guidance have been used that lead to maintenance free dry operation and remain resistant to seawater operations.

iFLY 15 is a sports catamaran by CEC Catamarans GmbH that gets a mechanical flight control system which enables it rise half a metre out off the water and achieve a speed of up to 55 km/h on its four small fold-out wings. Developers here have used igus plain bearings made of high-performance plastics in the wings.

French company Kempf won the third prize for Darios, a control ring mounted on the steering wheel. The control ring mounted on steering wheel is flat bottom that uses 3D printing by Igus for easy acceleration and braking.

Anirudh Raheja
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