Ampere Electric Partners With OTO Capital For Vehicle Leasing Plans

Ampere Electric Partners With OTO Capital For Vehicle Leasing Plans

Ampere Electric Partners OTO Capital Vehicle Leasing Plans

The leasing option is currently available exclusively in Bangalore, and is aimed at making EV ownership affordable and simple

Ampere Vehicles, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Ltd, has announced its partnership with OTO Capital in being India’s first start-up to offer vehicle leasing plan for buyers. The leasing option is available from 1 August, 2020 exclusively in Bengaluru. OTO capital plans to extend this EV leasing service to Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Cochin by the end of this year.

This partnership will provide consumers with the opportunity to use an electric two-wheeler at an affordable lease rental within 48 hours by going through a quick documentation process. Interested consumers can book their vehicles through the OTO Capital website or directly through the Ampere dealerships, and can also have their scooter home delivered. Through this partnership, the cost of monthly payments will be significantly reduced for the owner, the company noted.

OTO Capital said it has observed a surge in interest from buyers since the COVID-19 outbreak. It added that with public transport coming to a halt in most parts of the country, people are wary of using ride-sharing apps and hailing cabs, and prefer purchasing vehicles at an affordable cost.

Meanwhile, Ampere said its scooters enable savings of up to 90 when compared to conventional scooters. Additionally, electric scooters are zero-noise vehicles, promoting quiet drives and helping people to be calm and stress-free with less vibration and harshness, it added.