Audi to Premiere the E-Tron Today

Audi to Premiere the E-Tron Today

The brand with the four rings, Audi, will premiere its first fully electric powered series production model. The world premiere of the e-tron will take place in San Francisco, U.S. The electric SUV is powered by two electric motors and also gets a new generation Quattro drive.

The new generation Quattro drive, an electric all-wheel drive, renders an ideal distribution of drive torque between axles, that is either continuous or variable, executed in the fraction of a second. The battery system has been installed in a low and central position to give the SUV sporty driving dynamics. Audi claims, the battery gives the e-tron a long distance driving range.

Audi has incorporated an integrated electrohydraulic brake control system on the e-tron. This is the first system of its kind that has been incorporated on a production series electric SUV, for regenerative braking purposes. The Audi e-tron recovers energy solely from its electric motors in more than 90 % of its deceleration cycles and intelligently engineered aerodynamics contribute towards improving efficiency. Another first on the e-tron are the optional virtual exterior mirrors. This has helped the four ring brand to reduce aerodynamic drag and enhance the digitization perspective of the vehicle.

Audi has stated that the e-tron will offer a spacious cabin and comfort that is comparable to that of a full-size SUV model from its portfolio. The company is said to be offering a comprehensive and reliable range of charging options with intelligent solutions for home and whilst on the move. In terms of connectivity, the e-tron is offered with a route planner that displays the apt route with the charging stations, automated billing at these points and remote control via smartphone. The new electric SUV will feature a high-end media centre MMI system that includes LTE advanced and Wi-Fi hotspot as a standard feature.

Another highlight on the Audi e-tron is a is multiple assist systems like, efficiency assist that promotes economical driving patterns by depicting predictive information and executing automatic recuperation. The Audi e-tron also gets adaptive cruise assist, a system which can performance braking and acceleration operations predictively.
Audi e-tron is being produced at the company’s CO2-neutral plant in Brussels, Belgium. The German car maker has stated that deliveries of the e-tron for European customers has been planned for late 2018. The starting price for the e-tron electric SUV in Germany is € 79,900.