BorgWarner Develops Highly-Flexible EGR Coolers For CVs

BorgWarner Develops Highly-Flexible EGR Coolers For CVs

BorgWarner Flexible EGR Cooler Commercial Vehicles

BorgWarner Inc has developed a new series of economical, multi-platform exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) coolers featuring a compact floating core, to support commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers in meeting current and future emissions regulations. The four new EGR coolers from BorgWarner include four highly-adaptable standard designs for maximum flexibility covering a wide range of engine sizes from 2-16 l displacement. The new EGR solution offers high robustness against thermal fatigue and enhanced coolant distribution for durable performance even with minimum coolant flow, while reducing NOX emissions, the company noted.

The new BorgWarner EGR coolers feature hybrid tube heat transfer technology and a floating inner core, which are designed to resist high levels of thermal load. The system is also claimed to provide enhanced coolant distribution, which enables durable performance even with minimum coolant flow. BorgWarner has integrated a thermomechanical damper into the design to facilitate complete decoupling of the shell and inner core components to absorb longitudinal and angular differences for improved durability. The damper also provides initial extra cooling for the inlet gas to reduce thermal shock and allows better gas distribution to the tubes to resist thermal fatigue. In addition, cooling the damper and inlet gas box reduces the overall temperatures achieved, which in turn significantly lowers thermal stress, BorgWarner explained.

The new EGR coolers ensure that when the system is operated at an exhaust gas temperature of 850°C, the inlet gas box temperature is kept below 200°C. The system’s advanced design also minimises the effect of the engine transients over the EGR cooler’s durability, said BorgWarner. The new coolers allow standardisation of most of the components from one application to another, with the exception of the housing and the mounting fixtures. The company said that this has resulted in maximum adaptability for robust, tailor-made solutions and high cost-efficiency.

Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions and Thermal Systems, said that with lower production volumes and high durability requirements, the CV segment needs an EGR solution providing outstanding performance and reduced complexity. The company’s newly-developed EGR coolers offer high flexibility and durability to help meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations, he added.

Naveen Arul
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