Bridgestone India To Be Integrated Into EMEA Region SBU From 2020

Bridgestone India To Be Integrated Into EMEA Region SBU From 2020

Bridgestone India Integration EMEA Region SBU Strategic Business Unit January 2020 BSEMIA

The alignment of India operation into the BSEMEA business will enable acceleration of the latter’s digital transformation by India’s technical skills and IT expertise

Bridgestone has announced that its India business will fall into the company’s EMEA strategic business unit (SBU), transferring from the China Asia-Pacific SBU, effective 1 January 2020. This will result in Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa (BSEMEA) becoming Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India and Africa (BSEMIA), one of four SBUs of the tyre manufacturer globally. The other SBUs of the company include Bridgestone China Asia-Pacific, Bridgestone Americas, and Bridgestone Japan.

Integration of Bridgestone India into EMEA is a result of the EMEA region’s ongoing transformation capitalising on the opportunities digitalisation offers to pioneer mobility solutions that meet the needs of customers. Bridgestone India will continue to be led by Parag Satpute as Managing Director. The change also means that Bridgestone India will join the recently-announced Bridgestone Emerging Markets division, alongside the company’s businesses in Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. This transfer is expected to unlock untapped potential in both India and EMEA.

The rapid expansion of the Indian automotive and tyre market is resulting in great opportunity in the retail, internet sales, original equipment aftersales, and, in particular, fleets spaces, the company noted. It said these are opportunities that can be better realised when paired with Bridgestone EMEA’s experience and expertise. Likewise, Bridgestone EMEA’s digital transformation can be accelerated by India’s tech skills and IT know-how, it added.

Satpute observed that this integration will enable Bridgestone India to offer Indian consumers convenience, efficiency and sustainability through mobility solutions. It will also speed up bringing new business models aimed to create superior value for customers and channel partners, he said. Satpute further added that this realignment would enable the company to leverage greater insights from some of the evolved and mature automotive markets and have access to newer learnings in the retail, internet sales, original equipment aftersales. Bridgestone EMEA’s experience and expertise with fleets spaces and mobility solutions would be an asset in particular, he noted.

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and President, Bridgestone EMEA, said India is a market with huge potential that is definitely being met. There are huge learnings that Bridgestone India can pass on to what is now Bridgestone EMEA, and vice versa, he added. Ferrari noted that the company feels fortunate to share a large amount of knowledge within its global business to meet ever-evolving customer and market needs. “Under the new banner of Bridgestone EMIA, we’re committed to working with India to make Bridgestone a leading mobility solutions provider across all three continents our business unit operates in.”