Continental Achieves One Million Speed Sensor Units at Manesar Plant

Continental’s Achieves One Million Speed Sensor Units Per Month at Manesar Plant

The tech company is significantly stepping up its production capacity to meet growing market requirements 

Continental’s plant in Manesar has achieved a new milestone of manufacturing one million speed sensor units in a month. The company is aggressively localising its product portfolio and increasing its speed sensors production at its plant to meet the fast growing demand, fuelled by safety and emission norms mandate in India. Continental’s speed sensor product portfolio comprises wheel, engine and transmission speed sensors for PVs, whereas it includes wheel and engine speed sensors for two-wheelers.

The demand for anti-lock braking systems (ABS) is on the rise post-implementation of new safety norms in April 2019, the company noted. Both ABS and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) require wheel speed sensors to actuate control systems, as it prevents wheels from locking and maintains vehicle stability. The advanced technologies like engine speed sensors will be valuable as it will offer crucial information to engine management systems to control ignition and injection times to make the vehicle comply with exhaust gas recirculation and cut down on fuel consumption. Sensor signals are also used to control transmission box using Transmission Control Unit (TCU), whereas transmission speed sensors generate speed signal of gear in transmission box.

Prashanth Doreswamy, Market Head of Continental India & Managing Director, Continental Automotive, India, said its localising approach has helped meet the growing demand for integrated safety technologies in India.

Continental achieved one million units of electronic brake systems production from its Gurugram plant last year and reached one million airbag control units production in 2019.