Continental Wins German Design Council Award

Continental Wins German Design Council Award
Continental has announced that its Haptic Interaction Surfaces (HIS) project has received the ‘Best of Best’ award at the 2016 Automotive Brand Contest. This is said to be the second consecutive award for Continental at the Automotive Brand Contest, for which the German Design Council has recognised the company’s developments for improving the human-machine interface. The active haptic feedback enhances the human-machine interface, reduces driver distraction and improves safety, and due to the intuitive control methods, noted Continental. The award will be presented at the Paris Motor Show on 29 September, 2016.
The new HIS concept comprises of a 12.3-inch full HD TFT monitor and a touchpad that presents the display content through a haptic experience. In response to touch, the display provides active haptic feedback via an impulse of movement which the driver can feel in the finger. This allows the driver can operate the central input system, which is the touchpad, almost without looking, thereby significantly reducing driver distraction and improving safety for all road users.
Additionally, the system is controlled intuitively by means of learned behaviour from the operation of touch-sensitive surfaces, for which the driver is assisted by active haptic feedback. The user-friendly design is aided by the glass surface of the screen, which minimises reflection thanks to optical bonding and anti-glare coating, as well as by the functional surface design. Continental also said the technology is completely scalable, meaning it can be adapted to various vehicle classes in different device sizes.
Dr Heinz Abel, Head, Centre of Competence, Instrumentation and Driver HMI, Continental, said the HIS concept ensures graphical display elements and touchpad are positioned in relation, so that the corresponding display can be controlled precisely. He added that thanks to the haptic feedback, drivers can actually feel their system as well.
The interface between human and machine is gaining ever more importance, which is why products that act and integrate intelligently are particularly in demand, noted Prof Andrea Lipp, Jury Member. He said that with Haptic Interaction Surfaces, drivers can take the habits that they have gained from using smart devices in everyday life and apply them in their vehicles. Media-compatible use of the display and touchpad with integrated haptic feedback plays an elemental role in this, and thereby improves driving safety during operation of central input systems, added Prof Lipp.