Daily News Capsule: Coronavirus Effect on Automotive Business & More

Daily News Capsule: Coronavirus Effect on Automotive Business & More


Coronavirus Outbreak Impacts Automotive Industry Across Verticals

The growth of COVID-19 that is caused by the coronavirus, which was identified to have originated from Wuhan, China, has definitely instilled fear across the globe and has affected all industries quite drastically. The pandemic COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across economies and industries globally, with the Indian automotive industry also being affected heavily. Read more

Coronavirus Brings EU Auto Biz to Grinding Halt

Coronavirus has caused havoc on the automotive industry across the world. Majority of the members of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) have already announced temporary closures of plants due to plunging demand, supply shortages as well as government measures. Read more

MG Motor India to Donate Two Crore Rupees Towards COVID-19 Medical Aid

MG Motor India has committed to donate two crore rupees to overcome the spread of COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the health and well-being of the medical staff and underprivileged sections of society. The donation will be for the government hospitals and health institutions providing medical assistance in Gurugram and Halol (Vadodara), where the carmaker’s facilities are located. Where half of the amount will be directly donated by the company, the other half has been committed by the employees.


ION Energy, Wamtechnik Announce Strategic Partnership

ION Energy has entered into a strategic partnership with leading European battery manufacturer Wamtechnik to facilitate the deployment of its prototype – an electric excavator for its customer - a leading European construction equipment maker. The collaboration aims to address the dearth of sustainable, zero-emission construction machines that could replace the diesel engine to absolution. With Wamtechnik envisaging the design and deployment of a range of compact electric construction equipment that would operate in subzero temperatures (below -20°C), ION Energy emerged as the project’s key enabler. The partnership enables Wamtechnik to license ION’s BMS technology platform.

ION enabled Wamtechnik to electrify their customer’s first excavator and continue to design platform solutions for the customer.  To tackle Wamtechnik's master-slave architecture challenge, ION implemented the daisy chain formation method on the existing FS-LT BMS. This was followed by a transition to the FS-XT BMS, designed for High Voltage battery systems that better suit the need.

ION Energy’s technology has utilised a 48V, 456Ah battery pack to power the primary model of the excavator. The battery pack is constructed using 10 parallel modules of a 14S16P cell configuration, to achieve the rated energy capacity. ION’s integrated battery management solutions and commitment towards customer success along with its technological expertise - in-house hardware and firmware development capabilities, real-time data visualisation, and customisation.

To solve the gaping problem of accelerated battery life degradation caused by the extremely cold temperatures as low as -20°C that lead to lithium plating, ION developed and implemented the control of a unique Wamtechnik thermal management system that manages safe operation of a Li-Ion Battery at temperatures as low as -40 degree C, where an excavator is expected to function. The system verily powers up the heaters using onboard chargers and brings up the battery to an optimum temperature before its activation. Wamtechnik leveraged ION's AI-powered battery intelligence platform - Edison Analytics to visualize, predict and interpret battery data to improve battery life and manage their fleet.


Rapido to Operate with Minimal Network

Rapido has announced to limit its services temporarily under further notice. Supporting the 21 day lockdown notice in order to contain the novel corona virus, Rapido will be operational with a minimal network of vehicles to support essential services, for hospitals, doctors, nurses, govt. staff, supporting life continuity.