Dassault Systemes Rolls Out Cloud Offerings for Indian Market

Dassault Systemes Rolls Out Cloud Offerings for Indian Market

Dassault Systemes Rolls Out Cloud Offerings

Dassault Systemes unveiled its subscription-based cloud offerings for the Indian market. Each subscription includes instant access to unique collaborative applications embedded within the 3DEXPEREINCE platforms. These platforms include 3D design, engineering, modeling, simulation, data management & process management on the cloud, social communication, community building & ideation applications for collaborative innovation, 3D visualisation, analytics & dashboarding for knowledge-sharing and date-driven decision-making for communities, the company noted.

Dassault Systemes’ cloud offerings will cater to the automotive OEMs and suppliers, aerospace & defence, industrial engineering and retail sectors. The company will roll out its cloud offerings through its direct business transformation channel as well as a network of over forty-five large value-added retailers across the value solutions and professional channels. The importance of cloud in business transformation remains a top priority for companies with double-digit adoption rates, the company said.

Sylvain Laurent, Executive Vice President, Dassault Systemes, said cloud is the optimal way to leverage the power of the  3DEXPEREINCE platform and the 3DEXPEREINCE marketplace. Global customers use cloud to shift towards digital hyper connectivity of people, organisations and objects via the internet, mobile and IoT, he added.

Prasanta Kumar Das, Vice President, Dassault Systemes India, said the company has the largest cloud solution portfolio with two fifty roles for every stage of the value stream from upstream thinking to customer ownership including design & engineering, manufacturing, sales & marketing and aftersales.


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