DICV Announces India as Global Export Hub for BS VI Trucks & Buses

Diamler Trucks Announces India as Global Export Hub for BS VI Trucks & Buses

Daimler has completed over two million kms of testing its BS VI vehicles; It has eight years of experience building BS VI equivalent Euro VI vehicles

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) has showcased its readiness to move from BS IV to BS VI emission norms before its implementation in April 2020. Globally the company has sold over 1.4 mill units with BS VI equivalent Euro VI technology and equivalent emission standards. The company received its certification for BS VI in July 2019, to showcase their strength in successfully adapting their experience with Euro VI to India.

The company will reportedly begin exporting its India-built trucks by 2021/ 2022. DICV has invested roughly INR 500 crore in the localisation of its Euro VI technology for India, accomplishing two million kilometers of testing, developing new facilities and more than 1,000 new parts. So far the company has been able to achieve a localisation rate of over 80 % on its products.

This transition to BS VI will give shape to new opportunities to export completely built vehicles, engines and parts to other markets such as Mexico, Chile and Brazil, that may soon migrate to such emission norms. Anticipating these changes, the company stated that it will strengthen India’s position as a global production network for Daimler.

DICV will officially launch its upgraded range of BS VI trucks and Buses in Q1 2020, depending on the availability of BS VI fuels. It will also begin export of the OM926 series engine globally by 2021/2022. The company will also be gearing up its aftersales network with the knowledge it has from other markets. In India, DICV has over 200 touchpoints.