FARO Releases Improved 3D Scanning, Inspection Tools

FARO Technologies Inc today announced the rollout of its new 3D measurement and imaging solutions – Point Sense and VirtuSurv 17.0 plug-ins, FARO Design ScanArm and FARO Factory Robo-Imager. The firm released Point Sense and VirtuSurv 17.0 laser scanning plug-ins that claim to provide seamless integration with the latest version of Autodesk. FARO Design ScanArm is a portable 3D scanning solution, like the FARO Factory Robo-Imager product line.
PointSense and VirtuSurv 17.0 offer CAD designers a complete toolkit for converting large point cloud data into 3D models. The plug-ins have been designed keeping customer demands in mind as the user can now choose software modules that sync with his specific workflow, FARO said. Point Sense for Revit 17.0 is available for both AutoCAD and Revit, and offers support for work-sharing projects, allowing all designers to use PointSense on a common Revit project file with advanced wall fitting tool.
The FARO Design ScanArm is meant for portable 3D scanning with a focus on 3D modelling, reverse engineering, and CAD-based design applications, the company noted. The arm features blue laser technology with fast scanning speed to deliver high-resolution point data with enhanced capability to scan materials. The lightweight device can be mounted on a desktop and has a user-friendly interface for ease of access, added FARO. FARO Design ScanArm can help manufacture parts without the use of existing CAD models, develop aftermarket products, create digital libraries to reduce inventory and warehouse costs, and design from freeform surfaces.
FARO’s Factory Robo Imager product line is a system that combines the FARO Factory Array Imager with a robot in order to attain adaptable and safe in and near line inspection solutions. The product line links to the collaborative robot in two configurations, namely a fixed installation or turnkey mobile station, the company explained. While the fixed installation can be mounted anywhere, the other has to be mounted to an instrumented cart that can be moved to the place of the task. The FARO Factory Array Imager was launched in January, 2016, and is a new metrology grade 3D sensor with blue light technology.
Dr Simon Raab, President and CEO, FARO Technologies, said the manufacturing world is evolving, with smart factories, LEAN thinking, and emphasis on automation. He added that this is driving the need to shift quality control and inspection processes closer to the production line, for which FARO is committed to developing new metrology solutions for Factory Automation.
Author: Auto Tech Review