FCA India Recalls Compass Over Faulty Airbag Issue

FCA India Recalls Compass Over Faulty Airbag Issue


FCA India has announced that it intends to recall an estimated 1,200 Jeep Compass SUVs, already retailed to customers, for replacement of the front passenger air bag. The move follows an FCA US LLC initiated recall.

The number of affected Jeep Compass SUVs is expected to be less than 1% of the total recall population. A supplier has advised FCA that, during its airbag module assembly process, loose fasteners may have inadvertently found their way undetected into a small number of modules.

However, should such a vehicle be subject to an impact that causes the front passenger airbag to deploy, loose fasteners may pose a hazard. Thus, FCA India will replace the passenger airbag on an estimated 1,200 Jeep Compass SUVs to eliminate this concern.

The Company said that it is unaware of any related injuries, accidents, warranty claims or complaints. Nevertheless, customers whose vehicles are in the affected range are advised to refrain from using the front passenger seat until the situation is remedied.

In the coming week, FCA India and their authorised Dealers will directly contact customers whose Jeep Compass SUVs require a front passenger air bag replacement, and confirm appointments at authorised workshops. This replacement exercise will be carried out at no cost to customers.

Author: Anwesh Koley