Auto, Tech Leaders Join Hands To Make Next-Gen In-Vehicle Networking Solutions


With the dawn of autonomous driving on the horizon, the requirement of new generation of in-vehicle networking technological solutions that transmit data between high-resolution sensors, camera and processing engines is increasing. Automotive and Tech giants Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, NVIDI and Volkswagen have announced a NAV (Networking for Autonomous Vehicles) alliance that will drive ecosystem development for the next generation of Multi-Gig Ethernet networking in vehicles.

Cars that drive themselves have become data centres that are constantly analysing huge amounts of data in a bid to ensure the safest options for passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

James Hodgson, Senior Analyst Autonomous Driving, ABI Research, said, “Redundant and diverse AI algorithms are the key to level 5 automation. However, the volume of data generated by multiple types of sensors (camera, radar, lidar, ultrasound) can reach 32TB every 8 hours – that level of data transfer calls for a new breed of ultra-high-speed networks, including Multi-gig Ethernet. The NAV alliance will catalyse the development of a reliable next generation of networking platform for self-driving cars.”

The alliance between the various leaders in their respective segments as auto manufactures and technology solution providers aims to shape the coming in-vehicle networking technology ecosystem as human society readies itself for a paradigm shift toward autonomous driving.

Just like an advance nervous system of the human body, these new generation networking technologies have been based around an array of ECUs, CPUs, GPUs, HD cameras, sensors, gateways and storage devices which are all interconnected through high-speed, multi-gigabyte Ethernet networks that will be able to move data throughout the vehicle securely.

Under this alliance, the members will aim to promote development of new specifications and build a consensus around new technologies related to the multi-gig Ethernet automotive network, create procedures and testing requirements, promote products and solutions which adhere to new specifications, liaise with standards bodies to build consensus, create IEEE proposals, promote standardisation and build awareness around the market place.

Joshua David Luther
Author: Joshua David Luther
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