BorgWarner iCTA Technology to Improve Fuel Economy & Reduce Emissions

BorgWarner Offers Intelligent Cam Torque Actuation to Improve Fuel Economy & Red

BorgWarner has introduced the next generation of cam torque actuators – intelligent cam torque actuation (iCTA). The technology is capable of improving fuel efficiency and reduce vehicular emissions using innovative technology that blends the best attributes of cam torque actuation (CTA) and torsional assist (TA) phaser technologies.

Globally emissions regulations are becoming stricter, here iCTA is an advancement that will help OEMs to tune their engines to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, all while there is no trade-off in power. iCTA is capable of working with any engine architecture and is an ideal solution for inline four-cylinder engines with low or varying cam torque energy.

iCTA and other technologies that make the air-path more efficient and tuneable are enablers to help OEMs achieve emission regulations for vehicles. The combination of CTA an TA, iCTA is capable of offering fast cam phasing through the engines operating range. iCTA can be used to tune the opening and closing of valves to maximise airflow when the engine needs it and minimise these when not required by the engine. The technology recirculates oil within the actuator, reducing oil demand and engine parasitic losses.