BorgWarner Showcases R2S Turbocharging System for BMW

BorgWarner Showcases R2S Turbocharging System for BMW


In a bid to boost engine performance for the BMW’s 315 hp diesel motor featured in numerous models of the automaker, BorgWarner’s has unveiled its regulated two-stage (R2S) turbocharging system with two variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers to deliver a boost in power, and facilitate rapid acceleration while significantly reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

This new application of BorgWarner’s R2S turbocharging technology consists of two electrically actuated VTG turbochargers arranged in series. A small high-pressure turbocharger provides most of the boost at low engine speeds. As engine speed increases, a larger low-pressure turbocharger gradually takes over most of the workload. By utilising a VTG turbocharger for the low-pressure stage as well, BorgWarner enhances transient engine behaviour even further for excellent acceleration. The rapidly adapting R2S system also minimises turbo lag, and reduces emissions and fuel consumption.

Commenting on the development, Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems, said, “Combining two of our latest VTG turbochargers in our innovative R2S system delivers almost instant acceleration and increases efficiency at low engine speeds. Our collaboration with the BMW Group has resulted in a more powerful, efficient engine that is more economical, environmentally friendly and dynamic.”

Author: Anwesh Koley