Brose, AUNDE To Establish Joint Venture For Complete Car Seats

Brose AUNDE Establish Joint Venture Complete Car Seats
Brose, AUNDE To Establish Joint Venture For Complete Car Seats

Automotive mechatronics supplier Brose, along with AUNDE, automotive seat systems and interior modules manufacturer, announced today the establishment of a joint venture (JV) for the development and manufacture of car seats. The partners will carry out co-operative development, assembly and supply of complete seats for passenger cars. Both Brose and AUNDE will each hold a 50 % stake in the JV , for which the companies have submitted the application for anti-trust approval to the EU.

The JV is expected to begin operations in early 2019 and operate independently on the international market. The company will set up locations and production capacities depending on customer projects. Brose and AUNDE will complement each other in the new JV, in terms of their expertise and product portfolio. Brose, which is a specialist in mechatronics contributes its strengths as a leading supplier of adjustable seat structures, comfort components and electronics. Meanwhile, AUNDE adds expertise in foam, covers and trim parts, as well as extensive experience in assembly and logistics as a supplier of complete seats for light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Vehicle interiors are becoming more flexible, with the number of electronically-interacting adjustment systems increasing, and interplay between safety and comfort components being redefined, noted Brose. This trend offers Brose and AUNDE ample opportunities for future growth and varied technological innovations, it said. Innovations in seating technologies include seat foams with integrated massage systems, comfort headrests, sensors for recognising vital functions and controlling safety systems and seat covers in 3D printing. Other innovations come in the form of intelligent networking of seat adjustment with Brose door systems to enable convenient vehicle access, the company added.

Sandro Scharlibbe, Executive Vice-President, Seat, Brose, said the vehicle seat is a central element in the current technological transformation. Brose and AUNDE combine the specific strengths of both companies, he added. Scharlibbe said, “We will not only create completely new seating concepts, but will also advance the interplay of seats, interior and exterior with a focus on systems-crossing functions and the customer experience.”

The interior is the new exterior, with vehicle development in conjunction with the megatrend of autonomous driving taking place from the inside to the outside, noted says Rolf Königs, CEO, AUNDE Group. He said this places new demands on the interior of the car, and the JV between AUNDE and Brose can cover these requirements for the vehicle seat.