Continental Powertrain Business to Operate as Independent Entity

Continental Powertrain Business to Operate as Independent Entity
Continental Powertrain Business to Operate as Independent Entity

Continental’s powertrain business will soon operate as an independent business unit under the brand name of Vitesco Technologies starting H2 2019. The company’s business areas will be developed to meet the future requirements of the market and of society, especially with regards to local and global emission targets. While the main focus will be on electrification, the company intends to cover everything, from electrified internal combustion engines to full-battery electric and fuel-cell drives, as well as synthetic fuels.

The company is a longstanding technology leader in the field of powertrain electrification and has developed – from the 48-volt system and integrated hybrid solutions for transmission systems and axles to fully electric drives combined with highly efficient power and charging electronics and a battery management system that is optimised through intelligent energy and thermal management. According to the company, rapid changes are expected to occur in the powertrain market that may vary by the region as emission targets are set by the government, thus calling for more flexibility over the next few years.

In the medium term, the comprehensive support for mild and full hybrid solutions will help the company to optimise the high-volume car market, said Andreas Wolf, CEO, Vitesco Technologies. Through electrification and the optimisation of internal combustion engines, Vitesco Technologies want to help achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, he added. The company had a strong powertrain business order book of approximately €11 billion in 2018, of which around €2 billion was attributable to the electric mobility segment. Continental Powertrain’s power electronics were a key component of the electric powertrain in the Jaguar I-PACE, which was voted European Car of the Year 2019. 

Wolf, 58, took charge of the Powertrain division in October 2018. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the new company following the change of the business into the new corporate setup on January 1, 2019. Wolf had previously served as head of the Body & Security business unit at Continental’s Interior division since 2007.

Realigned Business Areas
Vitesco Technologies has three business areas, each of which operates economically independent. Aiming to strengthen their portfolio and boost their performance, the former Engine Systems and Transmission units have been merged to create a new “Engine & Drivetrain Systems” (E&DS) business area. Its portfolio ranges from engine and transmission control units to injection systems, turbochargers and exhaust gas aftertreatment. The former Sensors & Actuators and Fuel & Exhaust Management units have also been merged to form the new Powertrain Components (PTC) business area.

Its portfolio includes fuel delivery modules, catalytic converters and SCR dosing control units, as well as sensors and actuators for all types of vehicle and drive system. As a strategic growth area, there are no changes to the Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (HEV) business area, which encompasses all the main components for drivetrain electrification in hybrid and electric vehicles. The heads of the three business areas are Wolfgang Breuer (E&DS), Klaus Hau (PTC) and Thomas Stierle (HEV).