Continental Powertrain Develops Full-Hybrid With 48-Volt High-Power Technology

Continental Powertrain Full-Hybrid 48-Volt High-Power Technology

Continental’s Powertrain subsidiary is presenting a 48-volt high-power drive system with 30 kW in the run-up to IAA 2019, which is its latest innovation for environmentally-friendly, cost-effective 48-volt electrification solutions. A full-hybrid vehicle with 48-volt technology was previously deemed impossible. For a hybrid vehicle to drive using just electricity, the electric part of the drive would normally use high voltage technology of up to 800 volts, the company noted. However, Continental’s engineers have developed a 48-volt hybrid system that boasts features similar to those of a high-voltage electric drive, namely 48-volt high-power technology.

The new 48-volt high-power system, comprising an electric motor complete with integrated power electronics and a battery, reduces fuel consumption and also CO2 emissions by about 20 % when compared to similar combustion engine vehicles. At the same time, the new 48-volt technology is also considerably cheaper than the high-voltage systems used up to now, the company explained.

Andreas Wolf, CEO, Continental Powertrain Business, said the company is mastering all variants of the electric drive, from 48-volt systems to hybrid technologies, right through to high-voltage components. Continental Powertrain offers expertise and state-of-the-art technology from a single source, he added.

The company’s development objective was to achieve a level of driving efficiency with 48-volt technology that was previously reserved for high-voltage systems, noted Stephan Rebhan, Head, Technology & Innovation, Continental Powertrain.