Continental Supplies Honda e With Smartphone-based CoSmA Virtual Key

Continental Supplies Honda e With Smartphone-based CoSmA Virtual Key

Continental Supplies Honda e Electric Vehicle Smartphone-based CoSmA Virtual Key

Continental’s CoSmA solution will enable Honda e owners to open their vehicle or share the key with others using their smartphone

Continental has announced that its CoSmA smart device integrated access solution will be available to buyers of the Honda e electric vehicle. In addition to the car key, Honda e customers will receive a virtual key onto their smartphone, which can be accessed using the My Honda+ App. Through the app, customers can unlock the vehicle remotely via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The new Honda e already has the CoSmA access solution embedded into the vehicle architecture, which makes it the first time that this technology goes into series production. This EV from Honda will be available to customers from 2020 onwards in Europe, with visitors of the Frankfurt Motor Show having a chance to see the vehicle at the Honda booth.

Continental said that this solution will provide vehicle owners with multiple virtual keys simultaneously, thus enabling owners to share their vehicle with family and friends conveniently. This can be achieved by sending the virtual key to other drivers when desired.

Beyond the hardware for BLE, CoSmA comprises the backend key management on the, where keys are created and securely processed, the company noted. It explained that CoSmA works with Android and Apple smartphones and is not limited to the hardware or the vendor of the smartphone.

Shigeo Hamada, Project Leader, Pan European Connectivity Business and General Manager, Automobile Division, Honda Motor Europe Ltd, said the vehicle delivers new level of connectivity, and the digital key function will provide customers with exceptional convenience and new features.

The integration of CoSmA solution in the new Honda e marks an important milestone in the era of connected vehicle and digitalisation of the automotive industry, noted Johann Hiebl, Head, Body & Security and Infotainment & Connectivity, Continental. He said, “Not only do we enable a complete digital user experience for Honda e owners, this is also the first time Continental’s CoSmA goes into series production directly with a vehicle manufacturer.”