Continental To Show Motorcycle Automatic Transmissions’ Control Modules At EICMA

Continental Motorcycle Automatic Transmissions Control Modules EICMA DCT AMT
Continental To Show Motorcycle Automatic Transmissions’ Control Modules At EICMA

Global automotive components supplier Continental has developed control modules for motorcycle automatic transmissions, in order to enable faster and less stressful gear shifts, especially for high-performance sport and touring motorcycles. The company will be presenting these motorcycle automatic transmission components, along with other future advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS) at the Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA) from 7 November, 2017.

Continental said that it has been involved in the development and production of electronic control systems for automated manual or automatic transmissions for a number of years. It added that the focus, in terms of motorised two-wheelers is on components for double clutch transmissions (DCT) and automatic manual transmissions (AMT). The main in motorcycles is that they offer limited space to accommodate the control unit, sensors and actuators for such transmission systems. However, the company noted that its technicians and engineers have addressed this challenge by developing products in miniature format, which can be installed flexibly.

Depending on the technical requirements, the individual components are customised to ensure great flexibility in application, said Continental. The company also observed that the minimal size also has a large part to play in the versatility of use of these systems. An example of downsizing of components is that of the control unit for an AMT or DCT that measures 156x77x29 mm, noted Continental.

Additionally, the company said that despite automation, the riders remain in control, since they decide whether to choose automatic mode or shift manually using the buttons on the handlebars. Therefore, Continental explains that this is technology that does not render the rider useless, but only relieves them. The company said that this commitment too is an important stepping stone in its ‘Vision Zero’ strategy of a future with zero traffic accidents.

Jim Paris, responsible for the Customer Centre Two-Wheeler and Powersports, Transmission Business Unit, Continental, said the autonomy of the rider is not questioned in any way. On the contrary, automation of the transmission promotes concentration, while at the same time increasing safety and comfort, as well as riding enjoyment, he added.