Daimler Buses Equips Mannheim Plant With Central Charging Station

Daimler Equips Mannheim Plant With Central Charging Station

The new central charging station at Daimler Buses' Mannheim facility offers modular approach for charging fully electric eCitaro Buses

Daimler Buses has deployed a central charging station at its Mannheim facility to step up its preparation for high output charging for its fully electric eCitaro buses. The new charging station follows a modular approach to offer relevant charging solutions – cable, roof rail and pantograph. Daimler buses’ new charging station also undertakes new hardware, new communication protocols, charging management systems to test new solutions for charging vehicles and has been designed dynamically for future expansion.

Vehicle charging is a critical procedure that can witness unwanted accidents during bus movement and charging technology deployment. Daimler engineers installed the charging devices as suspended from five metres above ground level, and built in form of a bridge, beneath which the vehicles can drive in and recharge. The system is compatible with various charging technologies – 300 kW rapid charging with inverted pantograph (using roof rails on bus), 300 kW rapid charging using pantograph installed on bus roof and 150 kW cable-bound charging. 

The four parking bays are designed to offer common cable bound charging solutions with 150 kW output for eCitaro and can also handle different charging systems. Two of the parking bays handle other charging systems with 300 kW - pantograph charging and inverted pantograph charging via roof rails.