Denso To Strengthen R&D Capabilities, Collaborations With New Tokyo Facility

Denso Corporation Strengthen R&D Capabilities Collaborations Minato-ku Tokyo Facility

Denso Corporation has announced that it will set up a new facility in Minato-ku, Tokyo, to strengthen capabilities for R&D on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automated driving, and connected vehicles. This new facility is expected to be functional in April, 2018, and take over part of the R&D functions currently located in its head office in Aichi Prefecture and existing Tokyo office. Denso will expand the workforce of the Minato-ku office to improve R&D capabilities through the early 2020s, with it fostering innovation across the company’s R&D bases worldwide.

The new R&D facility will not only develop advanced technologies, but also work with headquarters to organise and lead operations of Denso’s satellite R&D bases worldwide, the company noted. It said that regional hubs will play a larger role in R&D, as Denso decentralises development in 2018 to become more agile and expedite innovation.

The new office would also collaborate with universities, research institutes, start-ups, and other partners around the world to develop new technologies by leveraging the characteristics of each region. It will formulate and carry out business ideas to develop competitive products that meet customers’ needs in a better way. These partnerships align with Denso’s widespread adoption of safety technologies that will play a critical role in the advancement of future mobility, the company said.

Naveen Arul
Author: Naveen Arul
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