Forsee Power Unveils Portable Go 1.6 Battery for Light Mobility

Forsee Power Unveils Portable Go 1.6 Battery for Light Mobility

Forsee Power leverages its smart battery systems that find application in electric transport as well as scooters, robotics and medtech and the new solution is aimed at both two and three wheeler markets for urban mobility

Forsee Power has introduced Go 1.6 battery solution at the ongoing EICMA Motorcycle Show 2019 in Milan, Italy. A turnkey portable solution for both two-wheelers and three-wheelers, Go 1.6 is dedicated to the urban EV market. The solution weighs less than 11kg, and can be accessed from the seat box, to be charged at home or at office. The battery will be manufactured at the company’s China facility, starting March 2020.

Forsee Power’s new 48 V portable solution will be available in two versions- Go 1.6 Energy and Go 1.6 Power. The energy version is engineered to power urban mobility applications of up to 50 cc equivalents. On the other hand, the power version is equipped to meet the manufacturer's demand to attain a speed range of over 50 kmph. For an increased autonomy, up to three Go 1.6 batteries can also be connected in parallel using Forsee Power Switching Box solution (depending on volume available). The company already has signed contracts with Eccity, Piaggio, Etergo and also equips drive-train of scooter manufacturer Bosch.

Frederik Baudrier, Smart Life division Director, Forsee Power, said the solution will enable customers to integrate battery quickly to accelerate their respective vehicle launch programmes.