Hyundai Showcases Walking Car Concept at CES 2019

Hyundai Showcases Walking Car Concept at CES 2019


Hyundai showcased a new walking car concept at the 2019 CES being held at Los Angeles, US. The vehicle features moveable legs and is called Elevate. It is the first of a kind UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle) which, blends technology found on electric cars and robots, allowing the vehicle to travel over varying terrains which, even the most capable off-roaders cannot cover.


Watch the Hyundai Elevate Concept video here:


Hyundai also showcased the Cradle, a first responder vehicle which, can cater to the needs of people with disabilities worldwide. The Cradle removes the need for an ADA ramp as it walks up to the front door of a house and levels itself for a wheelchair to roll in.


Hyundai has based the Elevate on a modular EV architecture. It has the capability to switch out multiple bodies as per situational requirements. The robotic legs on the Elevate come with five degree movement and the wheel hub propulsion motors use the latest electric actuator technology. The combination and design help the Elevate to move in a mammalian and reptilian manner.


Legs on the Elevate also fold up into a stowed drive-mode. In this mode, power to the joints are cut and the vehicle uses and integrated passive suspension system to maximise battery output. The Elevate is capable of moving at highways speeds just like any other vehicle


Engineering enhancements  on the Elevate include robotic legs with five degrees of freedom plus in-wheel propulsion, ability to walk in a mammalian and reptilian style gaits for omnidirectional motion, capable of climbing a five foot vertical wall, step over a five foot gap, non-back drivable motors enable the legs to lock in any position and it also has a modular electric vehicle platform.


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